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    Question Equipment grants?

    My department recently got approval from the city council to research grants for the purchase of a second pumper for the department. The only problem is we have no idea where to begin. If anyone has had any experience in the past with this or knows where to begin, I'd love to hear from you. Any help at all would be great!! Thanks!!

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    A good place to start might be with your State and US representative. What is really nice is the US house is in recess right now so you might be able to track them down. Our representative here locally has really helped us out with some of the smaller things such as a new door for the apparatus bay, new concrete apron in front of that new door, and some various equipment.

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    Are you in a rural area? Does your State operate a "Department of Natural Resources" or "Forestry" or something along those lines? In Ohio, there is grant money available from Natural Resources for fire protection of rural areas where natural areas exist. These do not necessarily need to be State owned properties, just areas that are not developed.

    Worth making some phone calls. I would also get in touch with your local EMA/Disaster Services coordinator. They usually have some contacts with potential grant money for departments in need of it.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    for a list of funding sources from the feds. In general, you can find some help if you're:

    1. poor enough
    2. rural enough
    3. really worried about weapons of mass destruction
    4. covering tribal land of some kind.
    5. trying to establish public educations programs, or something like that.

    Otherwise, the feds won't be much help.

    If you fall into the "poor enough" category, talk to your state's department that handles economic development about Community Development Block Grants. They can provide substantial support for apparatus purchases, if a high enough % of the population you serve is below the poverty line.

    Talking to your federal and state legislators is also an excellent idea.

    In any case, stand ready to find matching funds (from your municipality, your own funds, or wherever), as almost any government grant program is going to require that you "show commitment to the project on the local level", or some such verbage. If you're looking to buy apparatus entirely with money from a single grant, you're probably out of luck, unless you can find something juicy in the private sector. I've been looking for those too, with no real success.

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