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    We are an all volunteer department with 1 Chief, 1 Asst. Chief, 1 Captain/Training Officer and 1 Lieutenant/Safety Officer. We run approximately 140 calls per year between E.M.S., Rescue, and Fire. We run with 2 Engines, 2 Tankers, a Light Rescue/ Service Truck, and a Brush Truck. We also have a 3rd Tanker we are working on getting in service right now. This is all out of one station with about 25 Firefighters.

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    I am a memeber of the North Star Volunteer Fire Dept outside Fairbanks Alaska. We are one of the larger departments in the borough. We cover an area of about 89.2 sq miles with a population of approx. 16,000 with a fire/ems first response of about 800-1000 calls last year. We operate out of 5 stations and we also have a training center. This is how we are broken down per station

    Station #1
    E-1 1994 KME 1500 gpm/1000 tank
    E-5 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-6 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    SQ-1 1996 GMC Light rescue with skid
    unit for wildland fires
    C-1 1995 Ford F-150 Chiefs Rig
    C-2 2000 GMC 2500 Duty Officers Rig
    C-3 2000 GMC 2500 Battalion Chiefs Rig
    C-5 1996 Chevy deputy Chiefs Rig
    MS-1 1985 Ford F-600 Maintenance Rig w/Crane
    Tracker-1 Tracked vehicle with skid unit for wildland situations or remote emergencies

    E-2 1979 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank PARTS
    E-11 1989 Chevy/Darley 500 gpm/500 tank CAFS

    E-3 1982 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-7 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank

    E-4 1982 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-9 1986 Chevy/FMC 1250 gpm/2000 tank

    E-8 1986 Chevy/FMC 1250 gpm/2000 tank
    E-10 1979 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tanl
    SQ-2 1986 Chevy/LTI Light Rescue with skid
    unit for wildland fires
    C-4 1996 Chevy 2500 Training Officers Rig

    Notice a trend? Most of our rigs were purchased as pairs to aid in standardization.
    We are hoping to purchase a new engine this year with burough funds.

    Dennis Kuritz
    North Star VFD

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    We are an all volunteer department with about 45 volunteer professionals. We have 1 chief and 2 asst. chief's, 3 captains and 4 lieutenants. Last year we ran 300 calls both fire/ems.

    I'm not to sure on the manufacturers but I will do the best I can.

    442 - 1982 Maxium pumper
    R-8 - 1997 Saulsbury rescue/pumper w/1500 gpm
    T-8 - 1991 110' LTI Aerial w/1500gpm
    EMS-8 - 1994 Chevy Suburban
    Car 46 - 2000 Ford Explorer

    I'm not sure on the water capacity on the apparatus so I won't post it.

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    We have:
    250 members
    1 Chief
    2 Deputy Chiefs
    5 Assistant Chiefs
    5 Battalion Chiefs
    5 Battalion Captains
    3 EMS Captains
    1 Training Captain
    10 Fire Lieutenants
    1 EMS Lieutenant
    6 Fire Sergeants
    4 EMS Sergeants

    Station 10
    Engine10: 00- Pierce Lance Pumper,1750 gpm hale pump, 750 gallons of water, 40 gal. foam tank.

    Wagon 10: 88- E-ONE Hurricane Pumper,1500 gpm hale pump,500 gal.,40 gal foam

    Rescue Squad 10: 00- E-ONE Cyclone II Heavy Rescue

    Ambulance 10-9: 00- International/ Wheeled Coach Ambulance

    Utility 10: 92- Ford F-350 Custom

    Confined Space 10: Utility Trailer

    Station 13

    Engine 13: 00- Pierce Lance

    Tower 13: 92-Spartan/LTI 100FT platform

    Ambulance 13-9: 00-International/Wheeled Coach

    Ambulance 13-8: 92 F-350/Horton

    Ambulance 13-7: 97 Ford F-350/Horton

    Training 13:00-GMC Suburban

    Battalion Chief Vehicles: 99-Ford Expidition

    Department Chief : 99- Ford Expidition

    Deputy Chief: 00-GMC Yukon

    Deputy Chief: 92- Ford Crown Vic. Police Package

    Assistant Chief EMS: 92- Ford Bronco

    Station 18
    Engine 18: 00-Pierce Lance

    Engine 18-1: 92 E-ONE

    Wagon 18: 73- Hahn

    Ambulance 18-9: 00-International/Wheeled Coach
    Ambulance 18-8: 92-Ford F-350/Horton

    Ambulance 18-7: Same as 18-8

    Brush 18: 91-Ford F350 With Skid Unit

    Utility 18: 90- Ford Bronco

    Station 20

    Under construction, Open Winter 2002

    We run on average 30,000 calls a year Fire and EMS.We own and operate all three stations we are supplemented with career staff during the week. while we cover 5pm-7am Mon.-Fri. Weekends and Holidays.

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    We are all Volunteer, 29 Active members in Eastern Niagara County (Northeast of Buffalo).
    1 Fire Chief, 3 Assistant Chiefs.

    1 1990 Intl/KME 1500 gal/1500 gpm pumper.
    1 1994 Intl/Marion 14' Walk-in Rescue.
    1 2000 ALF/General 1000 gal/1500 gpm pumper.

    Volunteer Ambulance Service provides transport services.

    Run about 150 calls per year.

    Amen to the comment 'great for single guys, hell on the married guys'. I'd be in divorce court with 1000 calls much less 2500. Wow!

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    Philip C
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    The LVFD is a volunteer corporation with approximately 90 members, of which 40-50 ride regularly. We fall under the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department and have 4 career county ffs (1 captain, 3 ffs) who staff the station M-F, 0700-1500. The rest is covered by our volunteer members.

    The corporation owns 3 engines, 1 tower ladder, a pickup truck, mobile command van, and a new Ford Expedition. A Crown Vic is donated by a local dealership each year for the chief and the county provides another car for our deputy or assistant chief to use. All of this is run from 1 station.

    We serve a population of over 50,000 in our first due which is mainly residential and commercial and provide mutual aid to 3 surrounding counties; our nickname is Border Patrol. Our station is manned around the clock and we don't respond from home. Currently 3 members live at the station and more sleep in each night. Our members and career staff responded to 3279 calls in 2000.

    Check us out at www.laurelvfd.org and take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    Our department covers 27 sq. miles in eastern Hyde Park, N.Y. It was established in a "no mans land" where no one else wanted to protect. It consists of the following:

    3 Engine Companies
    6 Engines (various years)
    1 Ladder Truck
    1 Heavy Rescue
    1 Ambulance (BLS)
    1 Brush Truck

    We have 1 Chief and 3 Assistant Chiefs
    each company has a Captain and two Lieutenants, the rescue and ambulance each have Captains and Lieutenants as well as a truck Lieutenant and a Fire Police squad with their own capt and lieuts.
    Our district protects historical landmarks such as the Culinary Institute of America and the Elenaore Roosevelt estate.

    Jeffrey D. Grey-Captain
    Roosevelt Fire District-Hyde Park,N.Y.

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    Our dept consists of 45 members. We cover a 10 sq. mile are with a pop of 5,000. Last year we responded to 65 calls up from 45 in '99. We have (2) engines, (1) heavy rescue, and (1) tanker. We are building a new station this spring that will house a new aerial.

    Stay Safe, Stay Alive!!

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    Our all volunteer deptartment is made up of 35 members of which 20 are classified as extrication specialist. we cover 8000 residents living in approx. 85 sq miles....we have 2 stations that house:

    3 engines
    2 tankers
    1 brush truck
    1 rescue and
    2 squads

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D. www.geocities.com/esvfd3870

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    We are a combo dept, with approx. 40 paid and 100+ volunteers operating out of 5 stations protecting 35,000+ people

    Paid Personnel:
    1- Chief
    2- Division Chiefs
    1- Fire Marshal
    1- Fire Training Officer
    1- EMS Training Officer
    1- Automotive Machanic
    1- Administrative Assistant
    6- Fire Lieutenants/Medics
    24 Firefighters/Medics

    Volunteer Personnel:
    4- District Chiefs
    4- Assistant Chiefs
    12 Captains
    8- Lieutentants
    90- Firefighters
    * About half of the volunteer force are EMS trained in anywhere from First responder to paramedic level

    Engine 11 - 1996 Seagrave
    Engine 13 - 1995 Seagrave
    Engine 21 - 1977 Seagrave
    Engine 23 - 1986 Seagrave
    Engine 31 - 1995 Seagrave
    Engine 33 - 1985 Grumman Firecat
    Engine 41 - 1984 Grumman Firecat
    Engine 42 - 1980 Seagrave
    Engine 51 - 1986 Seagrave
    Tanker 52 - 1979 White Refurb
    Truck 12 - 1998 Seagrave Quint
    Truck 32 - 1992 Pierce Arrow Quint
    Rescue 1 - 1997 Freightliner
    Rescue 21 - 1996 Ford
    Medic 1 - 1996 Chevy/E-One Type I
    Medic 2 - 1995 chevy/E-One Type I
    Medic 3 - 1995 Ford Econoline Type II
    Medic 4 - 1995 Ford Econoline Type II
    Airport 1 - 199? Oshkosh
    Airport 2 - 199? Oshkosh
    Airport 3 - 198? Walters
    Utility 11 - 1992 GMC Sierra Pickup
    Utility 31 - 1995 Chevy Pickup
    Utility 41 - 1999 Chevy Pickup
    Fire 1 - 1992 Chevy Blazer
    Fire 2 - 1992 GMC Jimmy
    Fire 3 - 1995 Chevy Blazer
    Fire 4 - 1995 Chevy Blazer
    Water Rescue - Zodiac
    Water Rescue - Cataraft
    Water Rescue - River Jet Boat
    ARFF Foam Trailer
    2 MCI Wells Cargo Trailers

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    Our dept. is all volunteer, and covers portions of two towns; one with a water system and one without.

    We have about fifty members of which about thirty are active. Two stations, about 250 calls per year - no EMS calls(these are handled by volunteer ambulance and rescue organizations from the two towns).

    Chief, 3 Asst. Chief, 2 Capts., 4 Lts., 1 Safety Off; several Fire Police with their own Capt. & Lt.

    Car 1 - Chief's car

    Engine 2 - brush truck (converted military),
    800 gal, 60GPM PTO pump, high
    pressure pump, float pump

    Engine 3 - 750 gal, 750GPM front end pump,
    2500 gal folding tank

    Engine 4 - 1000gal, 1000GPM

    Engine 5 - 1000gal, !000GPM

    Engine 6 - 1000 gal, 1250GPM, built-in foam

    Engine 7 - Utility body pickup, 4X4, 250 gal,
    125GPM skid unit

    Tanker 1 - 3000 gal, 1250GPM, 3000gal
    folding tank, 60 gal foam cans

    Bucket 1 - Utility body with 35' bucket - non
    emergency (alarm sys. maint.)

    Trailer 1 - Ice rescue equipment; 1/2 ton
    converted military

    Trailer 2 - Portable pump unit; variety of
    trash and pressure pumps

    Never stop learning, and keep safety first and foremost always!

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    tony peric
    Firehouse.com Guest


    We are in Mason County,W.Va. Which is on the state border, we border Ohio. We have two major rivers, the Ohio and the Kanahwa. Both have major barge traffic year round, and in the summer many pleasure craft. I don't know the exact square milage of our area. I would say that it is at least a quarter of the county though. We also cover the city of Point Pleasant,where we are based. We have two stations in town. The equipment is as follows: Eng.1 1973 Ford American
    Eng.2 1996 Quaility
    Eng.3 2000 E-One
    Eng.4 1982 FMC
    Rescue 10 1978 American Lafrance
    Aerial 1 1978 Pierce
    2 boats and a multi purpose car
    We average 400 calls a year,also we don't run any EMS. The county does EMS. Our dept. has the only thermal imager in the area also. We hope to replace our ladder this year.

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    well guys here is my dept as follows 10 paid personelle including cheif basicaly 3 guys per shift working 24 on 48 off and we have 30 paid on call personelle we are an EMT-intermediate service so we have as follows

    1 - 1998 road rescue ambulance Intermediate service ice rescue equipment.
    1-1995 pierce saber pumper 1000 gals water 1500gpm pump 6 man cab BLS supplies front suction,
    1-1982 mack pumper/tanker 1750 gallons water (these last two are our first due engines)
    1-1978 mack pumper 750 gallons water rescue pumper this has our big jaws on them with intermediate supplies.
    1-1995 chevy 2500 brush truck 300 gallons water
    1-1980 pierce mini pumper 300 gallons water this is our rescue engine with our mini jaws and exstrcation equipmentand intermediate supplies.
    1-1997 chevy suburban command vehicle and BLS supplies,arson,haz-mat.
    1-1978 sutphen arial ladder 300 gallons water BLS supplies , roap rescue
    1-1993 chevy chassis pumper 1750 gallons
    1-1998 crown victoria cheifs vehicle
    1-1998 16 foot john boat water rescue

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    My Dept. is a combo dept with the following:

    1 Fire Chief*
    2 Division Fire Chiefs*
    1 Fire Marshal*
    1 Fire Training Officer*
    1 EMS training Officer
    2 Administrative people
    (* All drive Chevy Blazers)

    Station 1 - Juneau Station
    - 12 Career personnel, 15 volunteer personnel
    - 1995 Seagrave pumper
    - 1996 Seagrave pumper
    - 1998 Seagrave 105' Quint
    - 1996 Chey E-One Type I Ambulance
    - 1995 Ford Econoline Type II Ambulance
    - 1992 Chevy Sierra Utility Pickup Truck

    Station 2 - Douglas Station
    - 30 volunteer personnel
    - 1977 Seagrave pumper
    - 1986 Seagrave pumper
    - 1996 Ford Rescue Truck
    - 1994 Wells Cargo MCI Trailer

    Station 3 - Glacier Station
    - 18 career personnel - 30+ volunteers
    - 1995 Seagrave pumper
    - 1985 Grumman Firecat pumper
    - 1992 Pierce Arrow 75' Quint
    - 1997 Freightliner Rescue Truck
    - 1995 Chevy E-One Type I ambulance
    - 1995 Ford Econoline Type II ambulance
    - 199_ Oshkosh ARFF Truck
    - 199_ Oshkosh ARFF Truck
    - 198_ Walters ARFF Truck
    - 1995 Chevy Utility Pickup Truck
    - 1994 Wells Cargo MCI Trailer
    - Water Rescue River boat and Zodiac

    Station 4 - Auke Bay Station
    - 30+ volunteer personnel
    - 1985 Grumman firecat Pumper
    - 1980 Seagrave pumper
    - 1999 Chevy Utility Pickup Truck
    - River Rescue Cataraft

    Station 5 - Lynn Canal Station
    - 1986 Seagrave pumper
    - 1979 White Refurb Tanker (3500 gal)

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    we are a voluteer dept. in north carolina. we have 38 members and operate 5 peices of apparatus.

    1987 Mack/EEI 1250gpm/750gal
    1975 Mack/american eagle 1000gpm/500gal
    1979 chevy/atlas 300gpm/1500gal
    1993 Ford F350 brush unit
    1975 chevy step van

    We are in the process of purchasing a new pumper/tanker and a new support vehicle. We average about 150 to 200 fire calls a year and 270 to 300 first responder calls a year.

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    Our department covers 18,000 people with 49 vol. members, and 3 paid FF during the weekdays. We average approx. 1000 calls per year. We run out of two stations. For every engine/rescue we have a captain and lieutenant. We run fire/rescue/hazmat/ems(bls).

    1 Chief
    1 Assit. Chief
    1 Deputy Chief

    Main Station:
    2 pumpers
    1 rescue
    1 tanker
    1 utitliy truck

    Second Station:
    1 pumper

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    We are made up entirely of volunteers but our fire marshal is paid. We have about 25 member on the roster, of which about 15 are active. We have the following:

    E1 1989 Pierce Dash pumper
    E2 1969 Ward LaFrance/Ford C-800 pumper
    Squad 3 1994 Ford Crown Victoria

    That '69 Ward LaFrance is being taken out of service at the end of February to be replaced by a brand new Pierce pumper.

    Be safe.

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    We are an all volunteer dept., 30 members, 1 chief, 2 asst. chiefs, 3 captains. We run about 120 calls a year. Although we have several EMT-B's on board, the EMS is a seperate org.,we run only as support & rescue. We cover about 600 sq.miles of territory & serve approx. 5000 citizens.
    We have 3 city pumpers:
    93 E-one 1000gal.- 1250 gpm
    85 Boardman 750 gal- 1000gpm
    62 Boardman 750gal- 750gpm
    1 Tanker
    83 Freigtliner 5000 gal.
    2 Brush trucks
    92 GMC 1000gal.- 500gpm (also serves as county pumper)
    83 Gmc 300gal.- 300gpm
    1 Rescue- 98 Chevy crew cab
    82 Suburban (personel)
    87 Suburban (Chief)
    77 Chevy 1 ton (LDH hose truck)
    We carry an ISO rating of 4.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I am with an all volunteer dept as well, out of SE Texas. Our district is approximately 51 sq. miles, and we serve approimately 1,000+ people. We also run an all volunteer EMS service for our area as well. At present we have in the area of 35 members. Our equipment is as follows. On each truck we have a Captain and a Lieutenant.

    1) 1978 Ford C-800 Pumper, 1,000 gal capacity, 1,000 gpm pump
    2) 1979 Ford F-700 Pumper, 750 gal capacity, 750 (?) gpm pump
    3) 1964 Ford C-550 Rescue 1, 750 gal capacity, 750 gpm pump.
    4) 1978 Ford L-750, Tanker 1, 2,000 gal cpacity, 10 inch quick dump
    5) 1975 Ford F-750, Tanker 2, 1,500 Gql capacity.


    1985 Ford E-350 400 cu inch.
    1985 Ford F-350 Diesel
    1993 Ford E-350 Wheeled coach Diesel

    This is our dept. in a nutshell, I am working constantly on our departments website.

    Feel free to drop by and leave any comments. http://www.westlakevfd.org

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    I'm a member of Norristown Fire dept/Fairmount Engine co 2. Our Fire co is part of the Norristown fire dept borough. It's a Combo deptartment with paid and volunteer staff.

    The Norristown Fire Department currently has over 200 Volunteer Firefighters under the direction of the Chief of the Department, and five Assistant Chiefs representing the five Fire Companies (Fairmount, Hancock, Humane, Montgomery, and Norris). In addition, the department has 12 full-time personnel and five Assistant Fire Marshals who are under the supervision of the Fire Marshal.

    The Fire Marshal is responsible for Career Fire Fighters and Assistant Fire Marshals who conduct inspections of educational, industrial, and commercial structures to ensure compliance with all codes to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of our community. The Fire Marshal investigates every fire or explosion within the Borough which results in serious injury or damages property.

    Other units in the Fire Department are the Fire Police, consisting of a Captain and approximately 20 members, and the Dive Rescue Unit of more than 30 members led by a captain.

    The town of Norristown, Pa Fire dept consist of a 7 company
    Hancock fire co
    Fairmount Engine co
    27-11 1996 E-ONE 110' Aerial Ladder
    27-6 1986 GMC/Saulsbury Heavy Rescue
    Humane fire co
    Montgomery fire co
    Norris fire co
    Dive rescue

    Our Fire dept website http://www.norristownvfd.org/NFD.html
    Fairmount Engine co 2's Website http://members.tripod.com/Fairmount27D/index.html


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