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    We are one of 3 vol. compinies in our town . We all protect 2.2 sq miles and 10,000 people. we have 45 on the books but only about 18 are active.We ran to 180 fire calls 3 or 4 working fires a yr, 10 car fires, 3 mutual aid calls. the rest are smells and bells calls. we run 3 engines 1 1993 kme 1250 gpm pumper 2 1981 pierce 100gpm pumper and 3 1965 amercaican lafrance 750 gpm pumper

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    My department is all volunteer. We provide Fire suppression, Rescue, and EMS. We operate out of 1 station, cover about 150 give or take square miles,in a rural area. We have 30 members, 13 are EMT's, 6 are ALS. Our officers are Chief, Asst. Chief, Capt., and 2 Lt.'s(I'm one) We run about 75 fire calls and 250 EMS calls in a year. We have no municipal water supply,(closed hydrant is 15 miles) so it's all dry hydrants,ponds, and tanker shuttle. Our apparatus is as follows:
    Fire 351- 1993 Freightliner/E-One 1250gpm/1250tank
    Fire 352- 1982 Chevrolet/Atlas 350gpm/1250 tank
    Fire 355- 1987 Chevrolet/Pierce 350gpm/350 tank Mini-Pumper
    Fire 356- 1973 Chevrolet Converted Oil Tanker 250gpm/1500tank
    Rescue 351- 1998 Chevrolet/Horton Type I 4x4 Ambulance
    Rescue 352- 1987 Chevrolet/Horton Type I
    Rescue 358- 2000 Freightliner/KME walk-around medium duty rescue (pictured in Dec 2000 apparatus showcase)

    We're located in Callands,Va. Our county (Pittsylvania) is the largest (in land area) in Va, and is served by 22 all volunteer fire departments, 5 or them provide EMS also, and 4 all vol. Rescue Squads. If our county had only one agency and was all these people and apparatus were counted together it would easily be a large and have a comparable call volume to rescue678250's. Stay safe everyone!

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    My all volunteer fire department in Northeast cough, cough, cough New Jersey has four strategically located companies (3 engines and 1 truck). Each company has a Lieutenant, a Captain, a Chief and about 15 members that think THEY should be.

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    I am a volunteer with Ardsley Fire Dept. We currently have approximately 50 Firefighters, with only 25 or so active. we run only fire, but several members are EMT. We run approximately 200 calls/year out of 1 house. Most are bells and smells, but we have had 4 structure fires in January alone so far(more than we had all of last year I think). We cover only a little over 1 square mile.

    We have 1 Chief, 2 Asst. Chiefs, 3 Captains.

    Our Apparatus:

    1988 LTI/Hahn Quint w/ 75' Stick and 1500GPM/400gallon tank(first due to all structure calls, mutual aid, if requested)

    1992 Beck 1750GPM/500Gallon tank(first due to brush fires, mutual aid-engine)

    1999 Saulsbury Fire/Rescue 1750GPM 750Gallon tank.(first due to rescue/car-fire)has new lukas rescue tool including 2 cutters, spreaders, and ram.

    Car 2011- 199? Chevy Suburban

    Car 2012- 199? Chevy Caprice

    Car 2013- Unfortunately, village does not yet provide a third Chiefs Vehicle, so he currently drives his personal vehicle(Currently a 198? Lincoln Town Car)

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    Red face

    we have 1 cheif
    2 asst cheifs

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    we have 1 cheif
    2 aas't cheifs
    2 emt's
    7 fire police
    and 2 first responders
    1 tanker
    1 engine
    12 active members
    no support from our township residents
    where do you all find funds and members


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    First off, does your community know what they would do without you? Try to get that out there and maybe they'll come around.

    We came up with a brochure for our dept. that stated on the front in bold black letters,

    "What if you dialed 911, and no one came?"

    We have handed these out at some of the small country stores and even left some there as well. Even handed them out at our fundraisers. You would be amazed at the response we have gotten from those brochures.

    Also, funding can be had from grants. There are a multitude of grants out there, you just have to know where to look. Give me a hollar at westlake_23@prodigy.net and I'll get you some contact information on grant writing sessions. And anything else having to do with grants I can come up with.

    By the way, where are you located?


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    Rj Newell
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    My company is Mannington Vol. Fire Company, Station 14 located in Salem County, NJ. We are not a very big station with only 15-20 active members running a variety of apparatus

    2000- E-one cyclone 2 pumper(Our pride and joy), 1500 tank, 1500 gpm, 14-3

    1979- Great Eastern pumper body on ford Cab, 1000 tank, 1000 gpm, 14-2

    1971- Great Eastern pumper body on ford cab,
    1000 tank, 1000 gpm, 14-3a

    1986- Rescue body on Ford cab, 14-9

    1971- GMC Tractor with 9000 gallon tanker, 14-5

    1993- Ford, Ambulance 14-8

    1956- Dodge Power Wagon(ex-air Force truck),
    Snow plow, 400 gallon tank, 250 gpm, 14-4

    1931- Chevrolet pumper(Old Shaky), does not get used(obviously) but still in pretty good shape, 14-1

    We usually get about 75-100 fire calls(including alarms) a year, 20-30 automobile accidents, and 350-450 ambulance calls.

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    WE have 35 active members 1chief 1 deputy chief 1 captain and 4 lieutenants

    2 engines
    1 tanker
    1 brush truck

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    We are a combination department 2paid/40 volunteers. Running approx 500 calls per year. We do Fire/EMS (first responce and limited transport)/Rescue/and Haz-mat support (to county hazmat team).

    1 Chief
    1 Ast. Chief
    2 Batt. Chief (one safety and one training)
    3 Station Captians
    3 Lieutenants
    approx 35 FF's - (80% emt certified)

    Station #1
    1 Pierce class A pumper
    1 F-250 medical/rescue truck
    1 Dodge 1-ton brush truck
    1 2500gal tanker (tender)
    1 Van type ambulance
    County Hazmat responce trailer
    County Hazmat decon trailer

    Station #2
    1 class A pumper
    1 suburban medical responce truck
    1 dodge 1 ton brush truck
    1 heavy brush truck

    Station #3
    1 class A pumper
    1 suburban medical responce truck
    1 dodge 1 ton brush truck

    Station #4
    1 dodge 1 ton brush truck

    We cover a little more than 1700 square miles of area including suburban, rual, and wilderness area's. We have quiet farmland and heavy industry. Running thru our area are three major highways, four heavy rail lines, and an airport.

    James "Doc" Tarpley
    Battalion Chief
    Department Safety Officer
    North Tooele County VFD

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    Our Dept. has just become a combo dept. with 7 full time employees but still relies heavily on volunteers. We have 50 volunteers and 98% of all members are EMTs or above. We ran 2145 calls in year 2000 and cover an area of approx. 200 sqaure miles. Our equipment is as follows:

    1 medium rescue (used also as a truck company)
    3 non-transporting ambulance squads
    1 light rescue
    4 engines
    3 tenders
    2 brush trucks
    1 Humvee used as a command vehicle
    2 police-package sedans used as chiefs' vehicles

    Don't know where you are getting all those volunteers and it amazes me that you get 80 people to respond for a structure. We're lucky if we can fill out an engine and a rescue. We rely on mutual aid to fill out the box.

    Everyone keep the faith and keep safe!!
    (I am not a junior member. I've been a FF for 13 years!!)
    Views are my own and do not represent the views of my Fire Department!

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    1154 calls for service in 2000
    41 members (39 paid pre call/2 full-time)
    26 square mile response area
    population of approx. 10,000

    1996 Chevrolet Tahoe Chief's Vehicle
    1998 Foster Coach/Medtec Ford E450 Type III Ambulance
    1995 Foster Coach/Medtec Ford E350 Type III Ambulance
    1989 Foster Coach/Medtec Ford E350 Type III Ambulance
    1998 3D Manufacturing Freightliner Rescue/Command Truck
    1996 Toyne Spartan Pumper/Tanker
    1992 Welsh Spartan Pumper/Tanker
    1988 Toyne Ford Mini-Pumper
    1986 Ed Feld Equipment Co Chevrolet Attack
    1929 Pursch Chevrolet Parade Vehicle

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    i guess are dept. is small be all standerds we run fire and veh. rescue only. we have 7 to 8 members, all voulunteer. we run about 75 call's a year.

    1 mini pumper 1971 model, 500 gallon.(looks a lot like the squad from EMERGENCY

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    I guess are dept. is small by all standards, we run fire and vehicle rescue only. We have 7 members, all volunteer. And average about 75 calls a year.

    1 mini pumper 1971 model, 500 gallon.(looks a lot like the squad from EMERGENCY

    1 engine/tanker 1,000 gallon's 1975 model.

    but one thing we do have is a 7 dedicated members if that count's for anything

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    Our fire dept. is also a combination department. It has 12 paid staff members with a compliment of 57 volunteers. We have three districts in our protection area, with three stations in each. Our compliment is as follows

    3- 2000 Pierce sabers with 1000 gpm 500 gal
    2- 88 Pierce Arrows 1000 gpm 500 gal
    1- 82 Ford Quick attat
    1- brush truck
    1- Am LaFrance 80' Snorkel Quint

    We also have three other collectible trucks that we keep on hand to remember the old times by, and for use in parades

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    Our department responds to an average of 800 calls per year and operates from five stations.
    E1 1250 GPM 2 stage/1000 gallon booster tank. Six man cab/ five SCBA seats.
    Five preconnects and 1200 ft of 5 inch hose.
    S1 Fully equipped heavy rescue.
    B1 Grass/brush truck.

    Station 2
    E2 1250 GPM 2 stage/1000 gallon booster tank. Five man cab/four SCBA seats.
    Six preconnects and 1200 ft of 5 inch hose.
    R2 Fully equipped light duty rescue.

    Station 3
    E3 1000 GPM 2 stage/1000 gallon booster tank. Four man cab/three SCBA seats.
    Four preconnects and 1200 ft of 5 inch hose.
    R3 Fully equipped heavy rescue.

    Station 4
    E4 750 GPM/500 gallon booster tank. Two man cab/one SCBA seat.
    Three preconnects and 1000 ft of 5 inch hose. E4 going to be reserve engine 42 starting 9/01.
    R4 light duty rescue. Truck is for sale.

    Station 5
    E5 1250 2 stage/750 gallon booster tank. Four preconnects and 1200 ft of 5 inch hose.
    R5 Light duty rescue.

    Reciving our first quint in May 2001. www.limestonefire.org

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    Our dept. is small just 28 volunteers. Our equipment is up to date. We two tanker/pumpers, one regular pumper, one equipment van and a ditch jumper(brush truck). Also have pagers and fax machine that gives us location and time of incident. The one thing that a small community always should have and that's the fire siren. There's nothing like a call at 3a.m. and running to the firehouse with the siren blarring, one hell of a wake up.

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    My department is compromised of 5 one piece companies and one ambulance corps. Three companies have each one engine (70's American LaFrance, 80's Pierce, 90's E-One).
    We have one ladder company (90's Stuphen) and one rescue company (90's International).
    The ambulance corps has 2 ambulances (E-One and ?). Each company ( including ambulance coprs) has a captain and two to three liutenants. The dept. is led by 1 Chief and two assistants chiefs, and four deputy chiefs with an average of around 125 fire calls and 200 ems calls a year.

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    small fire company 27 members, 19 which are active.1 station , 1 engine
    <---600 calls
    <--- we do ems also , engine rolls on all ems calls , first responder
    <-- 1981 la france refurb in 94
    we do moreems then any thing else

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    Village of 6,600 people.
    Cover with 3 class-A pumpers, a 110' quint, a heavy rescue with high angle and cascade, and Suburban EMS truck.
    One Station.
    60 members.
    Aprox. 35 active members.
    Average 550-600 calls/ yr.
    No truck older than '81 or newer than '97.

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