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    Marion VFD is an all Volunteer dept. We have a membership of 28. We serve an area just under 28 square miles most of which is wildlands. We have just under 1000 residents in our district. We also have in our district a 20 mile section of a 2 lane HWY. with a posted speed limit of 70 mph. We have no city water, we get our water from 2 lakes 1 small river and a few "dry" hydrants. We operate out of 1 station, but hope to build a 2nd larger one this year. We do not run EMS but plan on doing so in the future.

    We have 1 Chief, 1 Asst. Chief, 2 Captains.
    Our Apparatus:
    Engine 1) E-1 Hurricane custom cab w/1250 Hale pump, and 750 gal tank.
    Engine 2) E-1 4wd w/750 hale pump and 500 gal tank.
    Tender 1) Ford w/3500 gal tank.

    Here is a break down of our 911 calls from 2000.

    MVA- 14
    Fire, structure/vehicle- 12
    Wildland fire- 12
    ALERT ( locating LZ's )- 10
    False Alarms ( all good intent)- 9
    Mutual Aid- 4

    We did fight some of the large wild fires in Western Montana last year, those calls are not included in the above list as they were not 911 calls.
    Dave C.

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    I'm kind of the low-gal on the totem pole in the dept, but our little department is in the Town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, just over the Mohawk River from Exit 28, and we have a great department!About 28 members, consisting of a Chief, 1st and 2nd asst chief,capt,asst capt, lt, asst lt, EMS lt (one of 2 women-EMTs on department), a safety officer, sgt-at-arms, president, vp, secretary(that's me), treasurer and fin secretary. A bit under 300 calls a year. We have a 1999 Ford F550 Brush/Rescue/EMS vehicle w/mini-pumper & foam, a late model truck we use to haul our firegear, a command post and cascade system and room for about 6 in the back and 2 men (or women) up front, and 3 firetrucks-one of which is a 1800 gal tanker. We have a lot more EMS calls than fires and 6 of us are EMTs, one is a paramedic, another a EMT-CC, balance in basics. During EMS calls or MVAs, those members that are not EMTs are still there, backing us up - another pair of skilled hands, to assist with lifting, the paperwork and ALL. Sometimes we're so used to working together and so much in sync with each other, we just do our thing without talking. We have our 4th pancake breakfast this year on Sunday, March 11th, 2001. I usually make the cinnamon french toast which goes with the mountains of family-style pancakes, eggs, sausages with gravy, ham, applesauce, oj and coffee and milk. Sure, its a cow-town, and the pay is lousy, but I invite you all to take NYS Thruway Exit 28 to Fultonville, cross the River Bridge over the Mohawk, past the Fonda Speedway, take a left onto Route 5, then a right onto Route 30A and 2 miles straight ahead on the right for a look at our trucks and our team - bring your sleds, too! And we can talk about our departments over a cup of coffee. PS - I'm no "Junior" member-I'm a 43-year-old wife & mother and 9 year veteran of the dept.

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    Potter Vol Fire Dept. is a 28 member (approx.) volunteer fire dept. We run out of 1 station which is located between three of NY's fingerlakes, just north of keuka and west of seneca lakes on state route 364.

    We have five apparatus:
    2000 Smeal pumper tanker with 1500 gal/1250gpm and a 15 gal class a foam tank.

    1991 S&S pumper 1000 gal/1250 gpm pump,second engine out

    1981 International Tanker with 2600gals and a mounted 300 gpm portable pump.

    1968 GMC/Swab 18 ft. walk-in Heavy Rescue
    Carries cutters,spreaders,rams,cribbing,
    truck equipment, lighting, and a 4500psi cascade and or defib. The rescue runs on all
    calls fire and EMS

    and our 1954 Dodge brush truck, an old m-37
    military pick-up. It carries 150 gals/125 gpm
    pump. Brooms rakes and forestry hose.

    Our organization started in 1968 with one
    engine and a tanker and has come to what we know now. We Have 1 chief, 2 Asst. Chiefs
    ( I am 1st Asst.) 2 Capts.(fire police & EMS)and 1 Lt.(fire). We run approx. 60 calls a year 50% EMS, Averaging three working fires a year, all others are MVA and brush fires.
    very few are auto alarms

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    Granbury (TX) VFD

    ISO Class 3/6 (the first and presently only department in Texas to get better than class 9 more than 1,000' from hydrants, but Magnolia's hot on our heels).

    2 stations
    40 personnel (60 max)
    ~750 runs annually, all fire, rescue, hazmat, BS, no EMS
    420 square miles
    2 large lakes and a river

    Station 1
    105' quint, 1750gpm, 750gal tank, AI/Spartan/Quality
    1500gpm engine, 750gal tank Spartan/Quality
    1250gpm engine, 750gal tank, KME
    750gpm engine, 750gal tank, Arrow
    3,000' 5" hose wagon with 750gpm pump, FMC
    medium duty rescue, Neel and Assoc.
    3845 gal tanker 1949 milk truck
    2 heavy 1 ton brush trucks, home built
    1 crew cab PU squad

    Station 2
    1250gpm, 750gal tank, Kenworth
    1000gal brush truck/tanker, homebuilt
    1 light duty rescue with cascade and lights, WestTex
    1 air truck, Texas Prison System
    2 boats
    1 crew cab PU squad

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    Indian River Vol. Fire Co. is located in "lower slower Delaware" on the ocean. We run 4 engines, 1 - 6000 gal. tanker, 1 heavy rescue, 2 brush units, 2 boats, 2 utility pieces, and a special operations trailer. Our winter population is 12,000 and summer goes to 50,000. That generates about 300 runs per year, sorry, EMS is a private concern. Boaters are our main pain, they should all get licenses. we have around 70 members and average 24 per call. Thanks for asking,and visit our Website at www.irvfc.org

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    Where does everybody get so many officers is these small dept's? We have 30 members with 1 Chief (paid), 1 Marshall (paid), and 1 Asst. Chief (not paid). We cover approx 250 sq. miles mostly rural and run over 700 calls per year with about half being EMS. We have an Engine 3 Grass trucks (200 Grass fires last year) 1 rescue 2 tankers 2 support vehicles. The volunteers also got a 50% pay raise last year.

    Be Safe

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    I have to agree; a volunteer department as big as you say should consider becoming a paid department. Then again with that kind of dedication at no charge could be a plus. Our department consists of 2 engines 2 water tenders 2 rescue units and 2 stations. 13 volunteers, 127 square miles, population 5000+ and around 300 calls a year.

    Thomas A. Stickley
    Fire Chief
    Newberry Springs Fire Department

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    Our town has two departments which I think is good for the competition(response times).
    Both are 100% vollys!
    One station has:
    1 rescue
    2 engines
    1 tower
    1 brush truck
    1 special unit
    2 boats
    1 jet ski
    80 members (only 7 active) (the only nice peice is the jet ski)

    Our dept.doesn't have all those trucks. we only have what we need:
    1 rescue(primary tool for the boro and 4 twp.)
    2 engines
    3 medic units
    2 ambulances
    40 members(10 active)

    Our dept had 537 calls for 2000
    1 chief
    1 asst. chief
    2 capt.
    1 Lt.
    1 Safty officer
    1 Engineer

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    I am a paid FF/EMT. My volunteer dept is set up as follows.

    31 members
    Asst Chief
    Captain (me)
    1 Lt-operations/safety
    1 Lt- Training
    2 Sr firefighters to assist if no officers

    We operate 3 online enigines
    Eng 1610- 94 GMC Topkick 1250 Hale pump
    Eng 1611- 92 FMC Roughneck 1000 Hale pump
    soon to be replaced with a new Ferrara Inferno
    Eng 1612- 97 Pierce 6 man 1250 Hale pump
    also our rescue vehicle with mounted jaws
    and portable unit. 2 100 ft reels with
    35 ft protable reels. Airbag system.
    Air 1640- 93 chevy van converted w/
    mobile cascade system 4500psi
    and lighting equipment.

    Also have a 1996 crown vic command veh. The highest officer around during the day uses this vehicle all day and responds in it. The Chief takes it at night. It carrries accountablity items, emregengy decon equipment(tarps and such) and other odd and ends.

    We serve a pop of appx 5000 people and average 500 runs a year with only about 50 percent being medical. We also thankfully have the strong backing of an excellent city council. ISO rating 5.

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    Our department has 55 positions on the roster, about 48 of which are filled right now. We serve about 5000 and had 124 runs last year.(EMS is separate, which had 140 runs last year)
    We work out of two stations with a total of 8 trucks in service. they are as follows

    Engine 1
    a Freightliner/3D with a 1275gpm pump and a 1700 gallon tank

    Engine 3
    Not sure on the stats

    Tank 1
    A recently rebuild Ford, has an approx 3000 gallon tank and also can be used as a pump.

    Tank 2
    Also a Ford with very similar stats.

    Tank 3
    A home build forestry tank on a old military chassis. Slow on the road, unstoppable in the woods

    Tank 4
    A Dodge, used for both structural calls as well as forestry.

    Utility 1
    A Ford van with just about everything you can think of on board

    Forestry 1
    A Military Chevy pickup to which we added a tank and a pump.

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    Shew am I glad I am where I am! I am on a very small Dept. with only 17 members 9 active. Although our newest pumper is a 1984 FMC with a 1250 pump 750 booster tank. WE might be lucky if we get 3 members for a day time call but almost everyone turns out at night.

    The hardest fire to put out is the one that can be avoided by educating the public!

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    We Run 400+ Runs a Year with:

    1981 ALF/Saulsbury Pumper 1500 Pump/1000 Tank
    1989 Mack/FMC Pumper 1250 Pump/1000 Tank
    1999 Pierce Dash/2000 Pump/1000 Tank/12KW Generator

    1989 Hahn/Saulsbury 21' Heavy Rescue/TNT Tools/25kW Generator.

    1994 S&S Tanker/1250 pump/2000 Tank

    1963 Dodge Powerwagon Brush/250 Pump/300 Tank

    GMC Utility Van with Lights/Hazmat

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    We run with a one Chief, 2 asst chief's. We provide fire and EMS protection to the borough.

    1992 Pierce Arrow 105'
    1982 Grumman, being replaced by the beast of the east.. 2001 Pierce Lance.
    1999 Horton, and a 94 Braun.

    We run about 500 fires a year with about maybe 50 being actually something. We ran about 6000 EMS calls last year. Looks like we are going to beat the this year.

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    My Department, the Ramsey, NJ Vol. Fire Department, located in Bergen County, NJ serving approximately 15,000 residents over 5.5 square miles, consists of:

    60 active members, over 100 when you consider inactive/life members at 2 stations. We are 100% Volunteer.

    1 Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 2 Captains, 5 Lieutenants.

    HQ Station consists of:

    -Engine 431, 1988 Mack CF 1500 GPM pumper
    -Engine 432, 1981 GMC 250 GPM Mini-Pumper
    -Engine 434, 1984 E-One 1250 GPM Pumper
    -Ladder 442, 1979 Segrave 100' Rear Mount Stick. Truck is former FDNY Ladder 38, Bronx NY.
    -Antique apparatus is stationed here, including a 1927 American LaFrance 500 GPM pumper, a horse drawn ladder truck, and a hand drawn chemical pumper dating to 1885.

    Westside Station consists of:
    -Engine 433: 1994 E-One 1500 GPM Pumper
    -Engine 435: 1973 Mack CF 1500 GPM Pumper
    -Engine 437: 1979 Hahn 1500 GPM Pumper currently used as foam unit, carrying 500 gal. of foam
    -Tower 441: 1981 75' Mack-Baker Tower Ladder
    -Bus 451: Evacuation Bus. Has working kitchen/bathroom facilities, and is used for extended operations and evacuations

    3 Chief's Vehicles (Unit 430-1992 Chevrolet Suburban, Unit 440-1996 Chevrolet Tahoe, Unit 450-1997 Chevrolet Caprice) and one utility pickup round out the fleet.

    We run approximately 450-475 alarms a year, with the record being 592 in 1999, thanks to Hurricane Floyd.

    Feel free to surf over to http://www.ramseyfd.com and see who we are!

    Mike Meyer
    LT, Ramsey FD

    ***Any opinions expressed in this post are mine alone, and do not represent the opinions of any department or organization to which I may belong.***

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    Red face

    that is one big vol. dept.!! we have 40 members in one station, run about 700 calls per year..we have 2 engines, a tanker, brush truck,rescue truck, and a med. truck...we run a 70 square mile area,which is the biggest in our county..

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    Vol. Dept. with 2 stations, can't even guess on population, but day is about 7,000 more than night. Approx. 40 sq. miles ranging from urban and industrial to rural. Also home to NASA'S Goddard Space Flight Center and the new IRS headquarters. We are supplemented M-F 7-3 with 4 career f/f's at one station and 3 at the other. Last year saw about 8,000 calls between the two. For more info than that, go to WWW.WLHVFD.COM.


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    Malahat VFD is located about 20-25 minutes drive North of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

    1 Chief
    1 Deputy Chief
    1 Captain
    12 Firefighters (we normally habe 18)
    2 Radio Operators

    Truck 1: 1993 FL-70 Rescue Pumper. 1050/500
    Truck 2: 1984 WesternStar Tanker. 3200/250
    Truck 4: 1982 Ford Resuce Van.
    Truck 5: 1999 Ford F-350 Rapid Attack Vehicle 125/125

    We don't have 2000 States complied yet, but we ran 56 calls of which about 80% where MVA's.

    There is no population count for our district, but there are approximitly 350-400 registered mail boxes. The TCH (Trans-Canada-Highway) runs the length of the district (North to South) and brings about 32 000 vehicles a day.

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