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    Post Your Vol. Department

    Hey guys Im intrested in what other Volunteer Departments are made up of out there. The one Im in is as follows.. By the way Im not including the truck models. Frankly I dont know them all, Sorry.

    280 members, 2500 calls...

    Rescue Company #1 (EMS Involves All Members)
    (Company itself has 38 Members)
    -One Heavy Rescue
    -Three ALS Ambulances
    -One EMS 'Fly Car', 00' Crown Victoria
    -One Floodlight Truck

    We have Three Engine Companies (#1, #2, 3#)
    (26, 27, 25 members)
    -A total of 5 Engines.
    -Another Engine Truck that is part of Engine Company Three that is used just for Scene Set up, Technical Rescue, and Water Rescue.

    Truck Company #1 (26 Members)
    -Two Aerialscope Ladder Trucks

    Truck Company #2 (24 members)
    -One Rear Mount Ladder
    -Two GMC Suburbans used for SCBA Trans.

    Fire Police Company #1 (22 Members)
    -1 90' Crown Victoria
    -1 Modified 'Van Type Ambulance'

    EMS Squad (21 members)
    -This is Part of Rescue Company. These are the people that can just go on EMS Units and are only trained for EMS type emergencies. Everyone in the Dept may go on EMS calls when called upon, however these people can go on it anytime.

    Hose Company #1 (23 Members)
    -These are the older firemen, This company has a modified role. They just assist in bringing the hose out and handing it over to the Engine Company once its set up.

    Auxilary Staff. (37 members)
    -1 Chief, 5 Asst Chiefs. All with nice Suburbans.
    -6 Fire Commisionners.
    - A whole bunch of Womens Auxilary that get
    stupid jump suits and do nothing except provide water at big calls.

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    HOLY GOD! Where in the world is your volunteer fire department?????

    280 members???? I am mindboggled...how big of an area do you serve?

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    Guess we're on the opposite side of the spectrum from your dept. 21 volunteers, 2 pumpers, 2 tankers, brush truck soon to arrive. 1 chief, 1 asst. chief, 1 cpt. I have to agree with Adze - sounds like your area needs a PAID dept. if it's that big!!

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    Our dept is also all vol. I can't think of as many members as you have. We fall a little short of you all.

    34 Members of which 16 are EMT's

    2 Squads - 98 Horton type 1
    - 83 McCoy Miller type 3

    2 Pumpers- 1998 1500gal 1000gpm
    - 1996 1000gal 750gpm
    both mfg by 4 GUYS

    1 Tanker - 1983 1500gal 500gpm
    also mfg by 4GUYS

    1 1982 GMC Brush truck
    250gal 250gpm Utility Bed

    1 1984 GMC Cube Van
    I.C. Unit
    Communications Truck
    Search & Rescue Responce
    Dive Team Truck

    1 25' Pontoon Boat
    80hp outboard
    Full Strobe Light Package
    Radio & Cell Phone
    Dive Team's Boat

    1 16' Fiberglass Hull
    45hp Outboard

    1 14' Alum Hull
    25hp Outboard

    1600' 5" LDH
    Class A, B, AFFF Foam Bank
    2 1500gal Fold-A-Tanks
    Rescue Jaws, Ram's, Cutters
    High Angle Rescue Gear
    Confined Space Rescue Gear
    Under Water Rescue Gear
    Wet & Dry Suit's
    Comm Sets Diver to Tender

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    We are in New York.

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    Combination department with 13 career staff and 40 volunteers (minimum FF1 and NREMT-B for volunteer and FF1 and NREMT-I for career). The department responds to 1000+ EMS, fire, hazmat, and rescue calls annualy protecting 25,000 citizens over a 40 square mile response are ranging from suburban to rural. Command staff consists of Chief, Deputy Chief, PIO/Safety, Assistant Chief, Captain, and 3 Lieutenants (one for each career shift). The department responds with 2 Engines (frontline is ALS), 1 Engine/Tanker, 1 Tower, 1 Heavy Rescue (also Ice Rescue Sled), 2 Weed Trucks, 2 Type III ALS Rescue Squads, 2 ALS Med Bikes, and a Command Vehicle.

    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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    Our all volunteer Fire department serves a population of around 2200. We have 17 members
    of which 4 are First responders,and two certified Rescue Specialists.We average 70-80 Fire calls and 140-150 Medical Calls a year.

    We have: A 1997 GMC 1250 Gal. Engine

    A 1999 Dodge Quick Response Truck
    with 300 Gal Tank

    A 1989 GMC 1250 Gal Tanker

    A 1985 GMC 1250 Gal Tanker

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    Fire Line
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    30-34 members, protecting a population of 5500 (winter) to 11000 (summer). Love the tourists , but love when September rolls around. Work out of two halls.
    1997 Freightliner fl-80 1050 gpm, 900 gallon engine. 1990 GMC 840 gpm, 800 gallon, 1977 International 640 gpm 500 gallon, 1977 Dodge fast response engine with light plant. 1978 International 2000 gallon tender, 1979 International 1000 gallon tender. Both tenders home built, custom tender coming next year. We are a fire only, no rescue (regional district has heart palpitations whenever we mention rescue) or EMS.
    Chief, asst. chief, 2 captains, 4 lieutenants, 1 safety officer.

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    We are an all volunteer company w/ aprox. 250 members. Only about 40 are active though. We have 1 Chief, 2 Asst. Chiefs, 1 Captain, 2 Lientenants, 1 Safety Officer, and 1 Truck Captain. We operate out of 1 station and cover a town of about 9900 people. There is another station in town but they have no afilliation to us. We also have a borough owned 75' Baker Aerialscope that both companies man. We provide only fire and rescue coverage; no EMS. We average aprox. 300 calls per year.

    Out equipment consists of:

    E128 - 1996 Spartan/Darley, 1500 GPM pump, 1500' 5" LDH, 8 preconnects

    E228 - 1984 Ford/Darley, 1250 GPM Pump, 1250' 5" LDH (Reserve Engine)

    R28 - 1994 HME/4-Guys Heavy Rescue.

    U28 - 1997 Ford F350 Super Duty

    See http://www.angelfire.com/pa4/Washies/Rigs.htm

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    Our vol. department constists of:

    Fire Chief
    2 Deputy Cheifs
    8 Staff Lt's (Inspectors)
    177 Vol. firefighters in 6 stations

    We cover a 36 sq. mile city north of Detroit that has the second largest SEV (State Equalized Value) in our state and an ISO rating of 4. The city consists of numerous high rise buildings, comercial headquarters, as well as providing Haz-Mat, Water Rescue, and High Angle Rescue to surrounding cities. We run 1500+ calls anually (strictly fire no EMS)

    Station 1:
    1993 Spencer Pumper
    1500GPM 500Gallon Tank
    1986 Sutphen Pumper
    1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank
    1994 Sutphen Aerial Platform

    Station 2:
    1993 Spencer Pumper
    1500GPM 500Gallon Tank
    1986 Sutphen Pumper
    1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank
    1994 Sutphen Aerial Platform
    1500GPM 300Gallon Tank
    1986 Chevrolet Grass Unit
    High Pressure Pump Water / Rescue Equipment

    Station 3:
    1991 Darley Pumper 1500GPM 500Gallon Tank
    2000 Sutphen Pumper
    1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank
    1998 Sutphen Aerial Platform
    1000 GPM 300 Gallon Tank

    Station 4:
    1992 Renewed Performance Tele-Squirt 1500GPM 500Gallon Tank
    1989 Darley Pumper 1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank

    Station 5:
    1991 DarleyPumper
    1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank
    1998 Spencer 65' Ladder
    1500GPM 500Gallon Tank
    1998 GMC Mobile Command Vehicle

    Station 6:
    1991 DarleyPumper
    1500GPM 1000Gallon Tank
    1997 Spencer 65' Ladder
    1500GPM 500Gallon Tank

    We're not here for a long time....We're here for a good time...Stay safe!

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    Where in New York???

    I'm in Westchester County; and I thought we were extremely busy for an all volunteer department with an average of 1,000 to 1,200 Fire and EMS runs per year.

    We have two companies (Engine Co. and Ladder Co.) with approximately 35 members in each.

    The Engine has two rigs: 1995 Pierce 1750 gpm pumper (equipped as a Squad Company, with numerous Truck tools) & 1988 Pierce 1750 gpm pumper.

    The Truck has two quints: 1993 Pierce 100 ft. tower ladder and 1999 Pierce 75 ft. rear mount.

    Both companies operate the Department BLS Ambulance, a 1995 Ford.

    We also have three chiefs' vehicles:
    Chief: 2000 Ford Expedition
    1st ***'t: 1996-97 Chevrolet Blazer
    2nd. ***'t: 1993-94 Chevrolet Caprice

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    We are out on the Island. People keep commenting on me :-). I find the FD outside of Detroit the scarriest. They have 24 trucks and only 170 people. I guess there member response is better then ours. Cause we only get about 70-80 per fire.

    P.S, Why does my name say Im a Junior Firefighter? How do I get that changed.

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    ////Why does my name say Im a Junior Firefighter? How do I get that changed.///

    After some more post on your behalf, you will be honored as a veteran forum member.


    We cover 280 sq. miles have 6 stations, 130+ members.

    6 - 1500gpm/750gal Rescue Pumper
    6 - 1000gpm/3000gal Tanker
    5 - 300gal CAFS Booster
    2 - 500gpm/1500gal Reserve pumper/tankers
    1 - 1250gal brush truck
    1 - 2250gpm/500gal Ladder w/ 95' stick
    1 - Cascade/service truck
    2 - Rehabs
    1 - utility truck
    3 - Chief cars

    Every pumper and tanker has 2075' of 5" and a Turbo Draft. Every pumper has a set of jaws.

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    2500 calls a year for a volunteer dept. sound like heaven for the single guys and hell for the married ones. play safe

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    Our dept. is a volunteer fire dept. that handles fire/EMS/rescue for approx. 3/4 of the populated section of our township (the state and feds own a large amount of parkland in the rest of the township). We also provide heavy rescue services for the neighboring township and dive, ice, and water rescue for 6 other townships including the Delaware River in the northern section of theDelaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. We currently have 40 professional volunteers that have various assignments within the dept. We operate out of one station with a Pierce Engine 1250 gpm/ 500 tank, Hino/ Amthors Tanker 425 gpm/ 2000 tank, Ford/ Saulsbury Heavy Walk-In Rescue, Chevy 4x4 Brush Truck 110 gpm/ 300 tank, 16 ft. double V rescue boat with a 45 hp jet motor, Marque Ambulance, Military surplus trailer with 200 gallons of AFFF foam. We run in the area of 650 calls a year with a 60/40 split between ems and fire. We average 15-20 volunteers for structural fires and around 7-10 for the smells and bells calls. A word of caution about knocking the ladies auxillary (we call them associate members) you don't realize how much their services mean until they don't show up. Everybody has a place within this service and I don't know about you but when I walk out of a stressful situation and into rehab I like being pampered by these ladies!

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    approx. 33 members
    Chief, Assist. Chief, Captain, and 2 LTs.
    couple of guys on fire police

    1 1990 FMC 1000 gpm engine
    1 1969 International Brush Truck

    Approx. 100 calls last year - 75% of them were assists.

    3 structure fires in our boro in 2000 causing approx. $250,000 in damage. These were the first fires in our town in approx. 10 years, and one was the worst fire in recent history.

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    My company consists of :

    1 Chief
    2 Assistant Chiefs
    2 Captians
    1 Lieutenant
    1 Safety Officer
    and approx 50 FF though only 10 - 15 are active.

    We respond to all EMS, Fire and Rescue calls for our district (when we have people), and provide mutual aid to the other 3 Town of Lewiston Volunteer companies when requested.

    Equipment as follows:

    1 1992 Horton Mod. Ambulance
    1 1989 1000 gal 1200gpm Pumper
    1 2000 1000 gal 1200gpm Rescue pumper
    (equiped with full compliment of hurst hydraulics, and foam)
    1 1982 2000 gal Pumper Tanker
    Working on getting a 2001 Ford E-350 pickup with skid mounted pump for brush fires.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    140 Members serving 31000 people in a 14.1 sq. mile town directly west of Hartford Conn. The area is suburban.

    1500+ calls Exclusivly Fire

    Station 1

    Engine 1-1995 Pierce Pumper
    Ladder 1-1985 LTI Midmount
    Rescue 1-1995 Pierce heavy rescue
    Service1-1998 Dodge Ram Brush truck

    Station 2
    Engine 2-1984 Hahn Pumper
    Ladder 2-1998 Pierce Arieal rearmount
    Tac 2-??? Tactical vehical (soon to be replaced by a 2000-2001 pierce heavy rescue
    Soon to house brand new pierce pumper

    Station 3

    Engine 3- 1989 Sutphen pumper
    Engine 5- 1984 Hahn pumper
    Engine 6(spare)- 1975 Hahn pumper
    (Soon to house brand new command winnebago)

    Station 4

    Engine 4- 1989 Sutphen pumper

    Station 5

    Engine 7-1965 mack pumper (cadet engine company)
    C.P. 8-1970 ford command post (bus)

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    Dr. Law
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    County Seat of 2,500+ population
    Serving city and area surrounding city including a couple smaller towns (though not quite considered a district)
    Membership is all volunteer and stays near to 30, give or take one of two from time to time.

    We have:

    One Chief
    Two ***'t Chief's
    One Station Attendant (part-time)

    One 2000 Ford F550 4WD Brush Truck/rescue 350 gal.
    One 1995 Pierce Saber 1000 gal. 1500 gpm pump
    One 1978 GMC Pumper 750 gal
    One 1978 Ford Pumper 750 gal
    One 1975 Ford tanker w/brush fire attachments/small pump 1600 gal
    One 1980 Pierce Rebuilt Ladder (aerial only)
    One 1949 American LaFrance Open Cab Ladder (for sale - still runs)
    One 1935 International Pumper (Still runs)

    Most of our runs have 9 to 11 people leaving station w/3 or 4 trucks, depending on the nature of the call and location.

    Excellent back-up is provided by neighboring towns here in the county if needed. Of course, if they need it, we'll make house-calls. Relations are also good with departments on foreign soil over in the State of Iowa. We have assisted on fires there and they have assisted over on our side of the Mississippi.

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    Our department has 29 volunteer members and one paid Chief.

    We serve a town of 4000. We respond to fire, rescue and vehicle extrication calls. We do not provide medical services.

    Typical year would have:

    5 or 6 structural fires, 4 to 7 grass and brush fires, 6 to 10 vehicle extrication calls, 4 to 6 chimney fires, 2 to 3 mutual aid calls, 2 to 3 water, high angle or other rescue type calls and half a dozen alarms.

    We have:

    1 1999 840 igpm class A equipped pumper (500 gal. tank). First response vehicle - also caries our extrication tools.

    1 1986 840 igpm pumper (500 gal. tank). Second response pumper and hydrant connection/supply hose lay truck

    1 1977 1500 gal(imp.) tanker (500 igpm pump). Primarily used for grass fires and areas without hydrants. Also carries gas powered 550 igpm portable pump

    1 1992 equipment van

    1 1992 pickup truck

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    We are an all volunteer department with 1 Chief, 1 Asst. Chief, 1 Captain/Training Officer and 1 Lieutenant/Safety Officer. We run approximately 140 calls per year between E.M.S., Rescue, and Fire. We run with 2 Engines, 2 Tankers, a Light Rescue/ Service Truck, and a Brush Truck. We also have a 3rd Tanker we are working on getting in service right now. This is all out of one station with about 25 Firefighters.

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    Thumbs up

    I am a memeber of the North Star Volunteer Fire Dept outside Fairbanks Alaska. We are one of the larger departments in the borough. We cover an area of about 89.2 sq miles with a population of approx. 16,000 with a fire/ems first response of about 800-1000 calls last year. We operate out of 5 stations and we also have a training center. This is how we are broken down per station

    Station #1
    E-1 1994 KME 1500 gpm/1000 tank
    E-5 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-6 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    SQ-1 1996 GMC Light rescue with skid
    unit for wildland fires
    C-1 1995 Ford F-150 Chiefs Rig
    C-2 2000 GMC 2500 Duty Officers Rig
    C-3 2000 GMC 2500 Battalion Chiefs Rig
    C-5 1996 Chevy deputy Chiefs Rig
    MS-1 1985 Ford F-600 Maintenance Rig w/Crane
    Tracker-1 Tracked vehicle with skid unit for wildland situations or remote emergencies

    E-2 1979 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank PARTS
    E-11 1989 Chevy/Darley 500 gpm/500 tank CAFS

    E-3 1982 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-7 1985 Ford/LTI 1000 gpm/2000 tank

    E-4 1982 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tank
    E-9 1986 Chevy/FMC 1250 gpm/2000 tank

    E-8 1986 Chevy/FMC 1250 gpm/2000 tank
    E-10 1979 Ford/Pierce 1000 gpm/2000 tanl
    SQ-2 1986 Chevy/LTI Light Rescue with skid
    unit for wildland fires
    C-4 1996 Chevy 2500 Training Officers Rig

    Notice a trend? Most of our rigs were purchased as pairs to aid in standardization.
    We are hoping to purchase a new engine this year with burough funds.

    Dennis Kuritz
    North Star VFD

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    Thumbs up

    We are an all volunteer department with about 45 volunteer professionals. We have 1 chief and 2 asst. chief's, 3 captains and 4 lieutenants. Last year we ran 300 calls both fire/ems.

    I'm not to sure on the manufacturers but I will do the best I can.

    442 - 1982 Maxium pumper
    R-8 - 1997 Saulsbury rescue/pumper w/1500 gpm
    T-8 - 1991 110' LTI Aerial w/1500gpm
    EMS-8 - 1994 Chevy Suburban
    Car 46 - 2000 Ford Explorer

    I'm not sure on the water capacity on the apparatus so I won't post it.

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    We have:
    250 members
    1 Chief
    2 Deputy Chiefs
    5 Assistant Chiefs
    5 Battalion Chiefs
    5 Battalion Captains
    3 EMS Captains
    1 Training Captain
    10 Fire Lieutenants
    1 EMS Lieutenant
    6 Fire Sergeants
    4 EMS Sergeants

    Station 10
    Engine10: 00- Pierce Lance Pumper,1750 gpm hale pump, 750 gallons of water, 40 gal. foam tank.

    Wagon 10: 88- E-ONE Hurricane Pumper,1500 gpm hale pump,500 gal.,40 gal foam

    Rescue Squad 10: 00- E-ONE Cyclone II Heavy Rescue

    Ambulance 10-9: 00- International/ Wheeled Coach Ambulance

    Utility 10: 92- Ford F-350 Custom

    Confined Space 10: Utility Trailer

    Station 13

    Engine 13: 00- Pierce Lance

    Tower 13: 92-Spartan/LTI 100FT platform

    Ambulance 13-9: 00-International/Wheeled Coach

    Ambulance 13-8: 92 F-350/Horton

    Ambulance 13-7: 97 Ford F-350/Horton

    Training 13:00-GMC Suburban

    Battalion Chief Vehicles: 99-Ford Expidition

    Department Chief : 99- Ford Expidition

    Deputy Chief: 00-GMC Yukon

    Deputy Chief: 92- Ford Crown Vic. Police Package

    Assistant Chief EMS: 92- Ford Bronco

    Station 18
    Engine 18: 00-Pierce Lance

    Engine 18-1: 92 E-ONE

    Wagon 18: 73- Hahn

    Ambulance 18-9: 00-International/Wheeled Coach
    Ambulance 18-8: 92-Ford F-350/Horton

    Ambulance 18-7: Same as 18-8

    Brush 18: 91-Ford F350 With Skid Unit

    Utility 18: 90- Ford Bronco

    Station 20

    Under construction, Open Winter 2002

    We run on average 30,000 calls a year Fire and EMS.We own and operate all three stations we are supplemented with career staff during the week. while we cover 5pm-7am Mon.-Fri. Weekends and Holidays.

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    We are all Volunteer, 29 Active members in Eastern Niagara County (Northeast of Buffalo).
    1 Fire Chief, 3 Assistant Chiefs.

    1 1990 Intl/KME 1500 gal/1500 gpm pumper.
    1 1994 Intl/Marion 14' Walk-in Rescue.
    1 2000 ALF/General 1000 gal/1500 gpm pumper.

    Volunteer Ambulance Service provides transport services.

    Run about 150 calls per year.

    Amen to the comment 'great for single guys, hell on the married guys'. I'd be in divorce court with 1000 calls much less 2500. Wow!

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