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    Question FF/EMT looking for dispatcher job.

    Okay I've been a weekend supervisor/dispatcher for an alarm company (lost that because the company moved to Florida 15 months ago and we're still waiting to see if we'd get transferred with them).I guess I can give hopes of that up. * L * So we got transfered to the Special Services department since October of 1999 to do cxls of accounts, resigns, service contracts and thing like that. Well I just got informed this afternoon that my department as of today was no longer going to exist. I've been with the company 26 and a half months now but this looks like it for me there. Time to find a new job, I'm a FF/EMT from Pa. and I'd love to be a dispatcher for fire-ems somewhere. Anybody know where they are hiring? I live in N.E.Pa but would gladly move out of the are for the right job.

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    The Morris County NJ Sheriff's Office is looking for 911 Dispatchers. They can be contacted at 973-285-6600.

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    Try Pike County in NE Pa. The county does not usually advertise job openings and select out potential canidates from submitted applications on record. An application can be obtained at the county administration building at 506 Broad St. in Milford Borough.

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