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    Post Selling Equipment on the Net

    Has any one had any experience selling equipment on the net? We will be selling our brush truck after the new one is in service next month. Does anyone have any favorite web sites that they have used, preferably ones that advertise for free. I know there are a bunch out there and any help or advice appreciated.

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    I think our dept. is going to find out about selling on the net pretty soon. We have a 1949 American LaFrance open cab ladder truck that the dept. is wanting to sell now. Don't know if they got it on yet - Ebay, I think, but we are supposed to.

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    there are many sites to sell your trucks on, one good one is firetec.com
    also please consider donating old trucks, equipment and gear to needy departments,
    there are many small, underfunded and new startup departments across the USA,
    go to www.helpingourown.com to learn more about it. all donations are liability free,
    I am the Arkansas coordinator for H.O.O. and right now i have two new startup depts within 100 miles of me, they dont have anything yet. and there are many depts that dont have much or any basic firefighting equip & gear. We have had some firetrucks donated this last year, what a godsend, please help us help them or at least help get the word out about donating surplus equipment and gear that has been replaced. even if it needs work or repairs done, it is better than nothing at all.
    thanks for listening,
    Captain Tyler Sitzer, Helping Our Own www.helpingourown.com

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    We've had lots of responses from an ad we put on www.kyfirewire.com - You're close enough to KY that it may benefit you, too!

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