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    MIKE S
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    We are in the process of statring squads to answer ems and still alarms at night.
    Do you have any thoughts. What about a member who refuses to make squad calls.

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    By squad, do you mean an ambulance or a quick responce truck? In the area where I live, a squad is an ambulance.


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    I gather from his post his meaning of Squad is a group of people designated to answer bullsh*t calls, like a duty crew- a squad of people.

    Squad at work is another term for Heavy Rescue company.

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    Our department instituted a crew system from 12 Midnight to 6 AM for one engine, one ladder and one ambulance, almost one year ago.

    The crews are on a rotating basis for one week at a time; and are for "routine" runs
    i.e. automatic alarms, MVAs, car fires, rubbish fires, etc.

    Reported of working fires or major incidents require a full department response.

    The crews have worked exceptionally well.

    Not only did they solve a poor response problem during the early morning hours (due to our heavy volume of runs: approximately 1,200 per year), but they have encouraged some less active senior members to become involved again.

    The only members who have not participated in the crew system are those who have work schedules or babysitting duties that are a conflict.

    Stay safe.


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    Our company had a system of teams with two drivers and a crew of three to inspect the engines on Monday night and then for that week you would be on "squad" which by our definition meant you would be responsible to respond to calls between 10pm-6am. This policy was enforced by the officers and those who did not respond were held over for another week.
    Well at the end of last year it was determined that squad weeks were not helping as people began to feel they didn't have to come to the station on weeks it was not their squad. So we have since suspended this system until we can refine it some. Thankfully we have more folks showing up and for the time being it is working.
    We are also looking at the possibility of setting up our "bunk" room to have people roster a night a week to respond to alarms. Our Commissioners do not favor such a move but we are trying.
    When you do choose to implement a plan you should let the membership have a say in what they feel would work and make the rules VERY clear on how the plan works. Hope this helps...

    Jeffrey D. Grey-Captain
    Roosevelt Fire District-Hyde Park,N.Y.

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    We run an on call crew from 1800-0600 for ems runs only. The problems we have noticed is that if a member of the crew works late (we're volunteer) and doesn't get home until after 1900 or so and a call goes out around 1830 the response is delayed due to other personnel not responding thinking the call is covered. If personnel know they aren't going to be available for their scheduled time it is their responsibility to find coverage. Only after they've exhausted their efforts to find coverage are they to call a line officer to assist with coverage. Personnel are asked to do one night a week. Some personnel aren't on the roster (including myself I run days and work nights) and arrangements have been made for them to assist during other times. As for still alarms we run a full structural response to alarms with the first unit and officers responding in emergency mode and the other units responding with traffic. I think your limiting your personnel by not have a full response to alarms. What if on arrival it is a fire now you have to wait for the full dept. respond.

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    Our volunteer department is organized into 5 teams of six members. Each team is lead by a Captain with an Assistant Captain as 2nd in command.

    At the beginning of January the senior staff assign one of the five teams to each weekend throughout the year. The team is considered "on-call" for it's assigned weekends (friday through sunday & monday for long weekends) and each team member must be available to respond to all calls. In this manner a member may expect to be "on call" every fifth weekend. Firefighters may request another individual to cover for the weekend (or parts thereof) along as the officer in charge knows.

    Our department pays each firefighter $10 per half day and $25 for full day of coverage ($60 per regular weekend). This usually works out to $650 per year.

    This system ensures that six fire fighters are available at all times during the weekend. Many of our volunteers have summer cottages and RVs and spend much of the summer weekends out of town. During the week it is assumed that the majority of the volunteers are available for calls.

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    Dont go Dissing Heavy Rescue....we do more then anyone else. Anyway...When an EMS call comes over the tones certain Companys are told to respond and any EMT\P, or EMT\CC may respond as well.

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    The company I used to belong to ran fire/ems and every call was a general dispatch without having "squads". All you saw for every call between 9pm and 6am was the same 3 or 4 people carrying the load for everyone. The company I belong to now, which also runs fire/ems/jaws, has a squad system where everyone is assigned a "squad night" where the squad will cover EMS calls from 9pm to 6am. For instance, I'm on friday's squad so I am only required to respond to calls on friday nights instead of every week night. But there is a system in place where you must maintain a certain percentage of calls responded to when there is no squad on duty (daytime, etc...). There are 6 squads Sunday-Friday, they each rotate responsibility for sautrday night. It works out well, the work gets spread out to all members and you can weed out the slackers. By the way, all fire/jaws calls are general dispatch.

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    My company used to do the same thing except the squad (crew) took a week Sun nite thru Thurs nite leaving the weekends open for all call. We were forced to abandon this when we were reduced to 2 fully active EMTs, we have one active EMT that lives a little too far to make a call unless she is at the station or in the area at the time of the call. The squad idea worked well because it made it so that not everyone had to wake up for every call, and it shared the load a little bit better. Hopefully we will get some more EMTs so that we can start the system back up.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    Being forced to go to calls at certain times takes the fun out of it. I'd hate to be able to respond to calls only when Im on shift. Honestly, if my Department did that Id most likely move to a better place.

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    Bob Snyder
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    We don't do this, but I could see some definite advantages. We have good staffing around the clock for the most part, but that puts a few core people that are self-employed in the position of both losing income on daytime calls (by leaving the job they're on) and losing sleep at night with the rest of us that can't be there in the daytime. It might be good, from a morale standpoint, to be able to say to these folks: "hey, don't worry about the little crap at night, please just cover it in the daytime", or something like that. I may run this up the flagpole & see what happens...

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    Our dept. is all vol. We run 2 ambulances with 18 Emt's and 1 peramedic. From 21:00 to 06:00 we have a crew on duty, the crew has 3 members (2 EMT's, 1 Driver). The crew run 2 nights in a row. From 06:00 to 21:00 we have an all call system. The first 3 to the dept takes the ambulance and goes. It is up to the crew member to find a replacement if he has to work on his duty nite. As far as members who don't want to run on a crew, you can bet there are the first one's I call for them to cover my duty nite. If the members don't want to run squad there is allways Fire,Rescue, Dive Rescue. Good lock with your squad service, It will be some of the most trying times in your dept, But some of the most rewarding.

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