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    Post Promoted to Lieutenant

    After 18 years in the fire service with 3 different departments, my current dept is promoting me to LT effective Feb 1st.
    Just want to hear from some current Vol fire officers, some thoughts and suggestions on what they have learned and maybe some suggestions for a new officer.

    David Brooks,
    FFII, Driver/Op, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    Congratulations David...after 18 years you've more than earned it. Having been a Captain in my former company, the only thing I can say is...watch your back. People will always be looking for ways to cut you down

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue

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    Kelly Tool
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    Congratulations, I too have been promoted to a Lieutenant's position. With 18 years in i'm sure you will do fine.

    Good Luck

    Put the wet stuff on the red stuff
    Visit our Dept. Schodack Valley
    Steve Kelly Jr.

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    In my Vol. FD its different..In each company. Mine being Rescue Co. 1. We have elections to the line each year. I was elected, so now every year Ill move up from 3rd Lt, to 2nd Lt, to 1st Lt, to Captain.

    Uhm.....I dont find people are after you. However dont act like your above other people. Youll be thrown out so fast.

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    1. Never chew an *** in front of other members. Wait to get the problem inside closed doors.

    2. Back your people up- If they do what you told them to, and they get chewed by another authority for it, step up and take the chew with or for them.

    3. Pitch in- just because you now have bars, does not mean you can slack. Pull the walls and the ceilings, push the squeegees, toss slavage covers, and roll/pack hose just like the rest of the troops.

    4. Lead by example!!


    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Congrat's! Coming from a current volunteer chief who worked his way up through the ranks here's my 2 cents........

    1) Lead by example/Lead from the front! If nothing else, remember this one. Ya gotta walk the walk, not talk the talk.

    2) Treat people with the respect you would have them treat you with. Treat 'em like crap and you'll get the same back and have a very short tenure in office.

    3) Realize that along with the job comes additional responsibility. You can't blend in with the crowd when the going gets tough. Stick to your guns but don't forget to be a listener.

    4) The higher you go, the larger the bullseye painted on your forehead gets!

    5) Just because you're an officer doesn't mean you've suddenly gotten any smarter than you were yesterday. Don't take yourself too seriously. The only way the job gets done is through teamwork. Use the experience that's around you, but use it wisely.

    Best of luck and have fun!

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    Pay close attention to Army's point #5 and TCFire's point #4.

    The principles I try to work by are:

    Someone is always watching you, and yes sometimes it is to find something wrong to hold against you.

    If you remember that you started out as a tadpole before becoming a frog, you will find that you get much more cooperation and respect from the men and women in the ranks below you.

    Good luck!!

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    From a current Lieutenant I would have to agree with most of the advice that has already been given. The biggest point that I agree with is definitely remember where you came from, if you try to act like you are the man and everybody should listen to you then I can almost guarantee that somebody will be trying to get you removed.
    the one thing I have learned in my 2 yrs as a LT is that I never tell a FF to do something that I wouldn't do and generally if I have somebody doing something I am right there helping them...

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D. www.geocities.com/esvfd3870

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    Thumbs up

    Congrats on the promotion. Now comes the hard bit. Some very good advice already given.
    Try not to alter yourself to much - be yourself.
    Be nice on the way up, cause you might pass them on the way down.
    Listern to advice, make a judgement and then act upon it.
    Don't pass the Buck, own up if it's your fault.
    Enjoy the job and don't let it get on top of you.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom, I'll keep them in mind as I learn the ropes and become familiar with my new position.

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    With 18 years as a volunteer, you wont have some of the experiences that I have had. I have 5 yrs in and got my lieutenants position after 3. The problem I encountered was that people who had more time in were testing me to see if I was worthy of the task. Dont play that game. It causes more hassles that you wnat to deal with.
    Other advice that I agree with is lead by example, and lead from within.
    Do not advance on the backs of others, give credit where credit is due.
    Realize that you will have to make decisions that some people will not be happy with, the key is making the right decision in such a way that you pi** off as few people as possible.
    Best advice I read on here is make a decision and stand by it, if you second guess yourself it makes it that much easier for others to do it.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    Thumbs up

    Excellent replys by all, I always say treat all members with respect, treat them how you would like to be treated. Respect is something your going to have to earn through being a good fair leader and good decision making, respect is not something given to you just because you hold your new rank.
    Good luck and congrats on your new position.

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