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    Default RIT Teams

    We are a small department in Central New Jersey. We have a county wide standard for RIT/FAST teams. In our department we make FAST training part of everyones training and also have automatic dispatches for FAST assignments upon notification of a working structure fire.

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    The IC designates a unit to be RIC/RIT/FAST on the fireground from avalible personnel on scene.
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    Chiefs Standing Orders out here say that there must be 4 firefighters on scene before commencing interior attack, which usually translates to 2 people doing the attack and everyone else having other tasks to do. I am yet to see two people waiting outside with scba's on their back incase **** happens and a firefighter needs rescuing. You mention RIT out here and you just get blank looks, even when operating at/inside large structures. Unfortunately I can't see anything changing until we lose a firefighter or two at a structure fire. Sad really.
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    Our first alarm is a district response (4 stations) and the squad whose local the fire is in. The second alarm covers 2 of the stations, brings the other 2 squads from the district, and brings our mutual aid FAST team (highly trained) and they usually bring their squad. The station that our FAST team comes out of is very small but they are very highly trained. They run FAST team assignments with their rescue truck. They usually have to put a cover in their station on any prolonged call because their station is so small.

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