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    Post Fundraising ideas

    Hi, I am from a volunteer Fire Dept. in MI and was wondering if anybody knows where I can get any information on different fundraising ideas or if anybody has any ideas that work. We have tried the pancake breakfast but after a while we had to stop. I am looking for something that not only brings the community into but also makes it fun for the firefighters. ALL HELP IS WELCOME!!!!

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    My Department is also working on doing more funraising/community relations. Here are a few thing we have done or are planningto do:

    - Have a local art gallery donate a painting to your department and from there use the piece to get donations to your department and publicity to the art gallery.

    - Open Houses, we had one a few days before christmas, santa made an appearance and all the kids got to climb around on the rigs. we are going to try to have one every few months possibly.

    - The same day of the open house, we drove around the community with santa on board and passed out candy canes and played christmas songs over the PA, ( We bought a santa suit to use in years to come) We got a lot of positive feedback from the community.

    - Submit a weekly bio of your personnel in the local newspaper.

    - Write a letter to everybody you have had contact with, explain to them what you do, and how they can help (i.e. join, donations, etc)

    - have yard sales, have all members gather stuff from home and have one big yard/garage sale at the hall.

    - Drive around the community and donate/install smoke detectors for residents.

    These are just a few of the things we have done or are experimenting with, all seem to be working out well, If you have and questions, go ahead and email me.

    Capital City Fire/Rescue
    Juneau, Alaska

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    We do the same old crap everyone does, we ask the public for 20 to 40 dollars a year in exchange for a return on fire insurance of several hundred bucks a year so we can buy a few million worth of trucks and stations. That brings in a mere $440,000 and gives us 5.2 million in spending authority.

    We charge 75 cents to a buck a month on all dumpsters and garbage cans. Also a dollar a month fee for 911 sevice on all cell phones. It barely brings in $540,000 a year, but it covers some costs.

    We have a $2.40 a month water bill charge as well which garners $316.000.

    Our budget is about a fifth of what we bring in. The ballance is general fund enterprise accounts for non-fire stuff.

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    We have a 2 day "Summerfest" every year at the end of June with music, food, carnival rides, etc. and a fireworks show at the end of the second day.

    We also spent some money to set up a website with an easy to remember address: www.wtfd.net (We had a free one but you know how long the URL can be on free websites ) We plan to put the web address on the sides of all of our rigs and have special sections for our fundraising events.

    E-mail me if you want more info: mjcollins@glasscity.net

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    The USFA provides a book called "Funding Alternatives for Fire and Emergency Services" free of charge...you can find it by going to the following URL http://www.usfa.fema.gov/usfapubs/pu...bject_code=318

    If that URL doesn't work, then go to www.usfa.fema.gov, click on Publications, then Shop/Order and browse from there...

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    We a various fundraising events that we do, but the thing you need to put high on your priority list is "Will we have enough support from the firefighters to put on this function?" This is a big problem with our department now is that we have not been getting the participation from our firefighters lately. You have to remember, volunteering is getting harder and harder with each day. People have to work their full time job more to pay the bills. So naturally something has to give. Our functions will hit and miss each time. We have a Chili Dinner, 2 Bingos, 2 Vegas nights, and a Classic Car Show. We also tried a vacation raffle a couple of years where we purchased three prizes and sold tickets for 3 months and then drew 3 winners. Unless you have the people who can sell enough tickets, don't do this one. Hope I helped.

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    we sometimes have the same problem that FIRE69DAWG said, we vote on doing these activities as a whole, but then it is always the same dozen people(out of 35) that do all the work. We are supposed to be cracking down on non-active members.


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    I have to agree with fire dawg more than others. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH HELP! Too many fundraisers, and EVERYONE gets tired!! (Especially the few who always end up doing all the work!) Yard sale definitely didn't work - everyone in the community brought stuff - but the leftovers were a real hassle to clean up!! We are down to one big event per year - BBQ pork & chicken dinners plus a big auction with items donated by area merchants. (The summerfest idea sounded fantastic- wouldn't work here, but think I'd like to attend!)

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    That is the main reason why we had to stop doing our pancake breakfast, the same ff's doing all the work. Thanks for all of the info. Keep 'em coming!!

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    We do two major fundraisers a year in our department. In the spring we have a bowling tournament with raffles and a few other little moneymakers. Alot of the departments here do this. The other large fundraiser is a pizza delivery. We work with a local pizza place and every order they get that night is delivered by a firetruck. The kids love it because they get pizza for dinner and get to see the apparatus up close. We get money from the pizza place for every sale and we also get some pretty good tips. The key to this fundraiser is to get enough publicity on it. The last few years we have linked the pizza delivery with fire prevention week.

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    Tobaggan Slide...

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    Thumbs up

    We had a "tough-man" contest last year, it was really amateur boxing with a cool name. After all the bills were paid the department made close to $9000 in one night with special VIP seating and sales of food and various 50/50 type raffles. We had PA Amateur Boxing sanction the event, they helped us rent a ring, and provide insurance for the fighters (anyone that wanted to fight and would sign a waiver could fight) the local ambulance service provided a unit the P.D. provided security. We had ring girls from Hooters and Budweiser, we also arranged for a local studio wrestler to stage a wrestling match half way through the evening with one of our big fireman. This was our biggest fundraiser ever. If you have any questions e-mail me. wolz47@home.com

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    We put on an annual BBQ, lots of work for decent money. This past year our department members built 2 demolision derby cars (driven in the derby by yours truly & one of the Lt.'s). We sold sponsorship spots on the cars for $25.00 each. We earmarked the money for our fire prevention programs we do every year for the kids. Once the community got word of the project the phones went crazy. We sold about 30 spots on both cars and could have filled 2 more cars easily. By the way the derby was a blast too. The crews for the cars at the derby were all firefighters with matching t-shirts (Red T's with Team 911 on the back). We were out no cost on the cars and the whole operation was great PR. We are trying to organize an all FD derby with some area departments for this year. E-mail us at svfd@antden.com if you have any questions.

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    In our company we have a christmas dinner and a picnic around spring time. We also go to sporting events and in our community we have open houses that help with fundraising. We also sell t-shirts and have our own web site.

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    Smile Fund Raising Idea

    Hi There,

    My name is Jim Wiseman. I am a retired teacher in Canada and now work from home with various business ventures. One of these is in the field of fundraising.

    I saw a post of yours to a fund raising discussion board and thought you might be interested in a new product I have recently came across that is gaining popularity in many fund raising activities.

    The product is a CD ROM educational computer game that teaches kids about nutrition. Produced by a chiropractor, the game is educational, fun, interactive and proving to be a real hit with both parents and their children when used in fund raising efforts.

    A number of government agencies throughout the U.S. are endorsing the game and it has the support of the City of Philadelphia as a tool to use in their schools.

    The game makes for a great alternative to traditional fundraisers like chocolate bar sales etc.

    Everything is set up to use this product in a fund raiser and run things totally online over the Internet. We give you a FREE 15 page website complete with demo game and online ordering capabilities. We even ship the product directly to your customers for you.

    I have a sample game at my website that you can view to see if this might be of interest to you.

    If you would like to find out more please email me and I will send you the URL to my website so you can play the game. It targets children from ages 6-16 and you can sample the first level of a five level adventure about nutrition.

    This would make a great fund raising activity throghout the year but could be especially profitable this time of the year with parents buying gifts for their children for Christmas.

    Thanks for your time and good luck with your fund raising ventures for this school year.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jim Wiseman

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    We have what we call turkey shoots. Everyone shoots at still paper targets. You pay money to sign up for a round. We have 16 shooters per round. After all 16 shooters have taken their shot, the targets are gathered and "judged". The shooter with the shot (hole) closest to the "bullseye" wins that round, no matter how many shot (holes) are in the target. We have frozen turkeys, pork shoulders, hams, pork ribs, brunswick stew, slabs of bacon, boxes of hamburgers,hot dogs or sausage, and a couple of rounds where the winner gets half the money from that round (16 shooters gives us $40). We make about $2,500 a month doing this. We start the first of Oct. and go through the end of Dec. And we have it every Friday night.
    Another lifetime volunteer proud to serve my community.

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    Post Matching Grants!

    We do the typical things small rural departments do to raise funds, yard sales, meals, etc. Our two most successful are a food concession booth at a local festival, and a family portrait open house. The food and trailer for the concession are donated so our efforts reap a good profit. The photo shoot is done by a marketing agency. They do the sales leg work and hold the shoot at the station. We get 50% of the funds from what they sell. You also get to work on your PR as people come and go at the photo sitting. We usually try to roll a raffle in with both of these. We always try to find a donor organization who will match the funds we raise. This gets you double the bang for your effort. Matching grants make a real difference when your working on a small scale.

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    We have only two types of fundraisers. The most common throughout the county is of course the fish fry. About two years ago, a member of our association, pitched the idea of a Chinese Auction. This has been a large success in our Twp. If you don't know how to one works, try this. ( you got to have enough help) Go out to businesses in the county and ask for donations of services, gift certificates, merchandise, or whateverelse they can donate and tell them what you are doing. We take a series of numbers 001-5000 sold in packets of 5 numbers for a dollar. Then we put the items on display with paper bags (the name of who donated it printed on the bag) in front of it. The person will then drop however many numbers into the bag that they want. we then draw a number and announce the winner.
    -Reyalsnomed- I really like the idea of the Turkey Shoot. What would the average charge for shooting be? What kind of security measures (law enforcement) should be inmplemented? I would like to take this idea in front of our association if you dont have any objections. Please let me know. Thanks M.

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