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    Post Conflict of Interest?

    I'm a member of a volunteer FD. We have three district elected commissioners. One of them has been a volunteer district Paramedic (though the district does not have a license with the DEA for her carry a drug box, which she doesn't have but still claims to be a practicing Paramedic)Anyway, she recently became the EMS Captin as well. Does anyone know if this is allowed by law? Is it a conflict of interest? I have searched out states codes and can't find anything on the subject. Please Help. I've seen her do some scary things in the field as well as not do anything at all for a PT. thanks

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    Well First off you have to know what your talking about, The DEA has nothing to do with carrying a drug box, your squad has to get a license from the state board of pharmacy, I don't feel it would be a conflict of interest to be a Captain, Medic and a trustee, if the department is going to make decisions about a medic service then they need a medic to explain things to the board.


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