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    Lightbulb What is your frontline piece to fires?

    I am wondering what dept's. around the country run for their first due piece to a structure fire. I am sure there will be every possible type of truck and pumper. So, what do you run, how many men do you have before you leave the barn, and what do you have ready on the truck? 2/4 crosslays/handlines, LDH...

    In my barn, we run a custom pumper with 8-man cab, we leave with at least 3 qualified FF plus an officer, top mount pump controls, 4 crosslays, and 1500 gallons with a wet pump. Also, 5" LDH.

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    First two (2) FF responding to the hall leave with our number one pumper. Driver is automatically pump operator until relieved.

    Truck is a 1999 Carl Thibault on a 275 HP Cat powered GMC chassis with a Hale 840 i.g.p.m. pump and foam-master class A system. Truck has a 500 imperial gallon poly tank and AC lights on extendable poles.

    We have two 1 1/2" pre-connects on the back with 125 gpm nozzles. We will be adding one 2 1/2" pre-connect with a 75 psi, 250 gpm nozzle as soon as we can get the plumbing done.

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    We usually leave with a five man crew. This usually includes the chief and one other officer...
    We operate a 1997 E-ONE American Eagle commercial pumper with at 1000 gallon tank and 1250 gpm pump. the truck carries two 1 3/4 crosslays and one 200 ft 2 1/2 preconnect attack line..

    Tom Pysh
    Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D.

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    Bob Snyder
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    For structure fires in our jurisdiction:


    1980 Pierce/LTI 55' Squirt, 1000 gpm pump, 400 gal tank.; 4" aerial waterway piped for feed through pump or through dual 2.5" rear intakes; nozzle controls at tip and rear of truck

    Attack lines:

    (2) 1.75" 150'/200' preconnected crosslays with Akron Turbojet nozzle
    (1) 1.75" 150'/200' preconnected crosslay with straight bore nozzle
    (1) 1.75" 100'/150' preconnected running-board mounted trash line, navy nozzle preconnected, but fog nozzle available for use
    (1) 2.5" preconnected rear atack line, fog nozzle preconnected, straight bore nozzle available

    Supply lines:

    600' of 4" with Stortz couplings, preconnected to Humat valve on tailboard
    600' of 3" with threaded couplings

    Loose Equipment:

    6 SCBA/6 Spares
    35' extension ladder
    12' roof ladder
    10' folding ladder
    haligans, axes, prybars, pikes
    inside & outside chimney kits
    36" and 24" electric fans
    generator (I can never remember the size)
    (2) telescoping 500w and (1) portable 500w lights
    150' cord reel
    chain saw
    heat detector gun
    CO meter
    Misc. other equipment


    Generally, we try to run it with at least a driver and two senior personnel. Most of the time, we can make that happen.

    Many mutual aid structure assignments call for our 100' ladder truck to roll first, as we are providing aerial support to these companies, not fire attack, but I won't go through that whole rig here.

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    First out:

    1999 ALF/General 1000 gal/1500 gpm. 2 1.5" preconnects, 1 2.5" preconnect, 1800' 4" LDH, additional 1.5" and 2.5" with nozzles in the hosebed. Capable of putting 5 SCBA's out the doors on arrival, will respond with a minimum of 3 including driver.

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    First Out: 1993 Seagrave Class A pumper with 4-6 FFs(Four during daytime usually, and six ant nights/weekends). Standard crosslays of 200 ft of 1 3/4" with automatic nozzles, rear preconnects of 1-250 ft 1 3/4" and 1-200 ft 2 1/2". We carry 1000 ft of 4" supply line and an additional 600 ft of 3" on the rear. 100 ft 1 3/4" hose trash line mounted on front bumper along with 20 ft 6" soft sleeve for hydrants.

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    Our first out for now is a 1500 gpm 1000 gal. engine with 4 - 1 3/4" preconnects and 2 - 2 1/2" preconnects. On a structure the engine does not leave without a full crew of 5 plus a driver.

    Our newest rescue pumper has a 1000 gal. tank with a 1500 gpm pump. 3-1 3/4" preconnects and 1-2 1/2" preconnect. We are looking to make this our first in because of the equipment it has the ability to carry and the scott 50 2.2 packs it has. One additional positive for this new truck is the added manpower it can carry.

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    1st truck leaves the station with at least 3 people on during the day at night 4 to 5

    1986 duplex 1250 gpm pump 1000 gal tank
    1500' of 4"
    200' of 1-3/4 on each mattydale
    jaws ect.

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    on all general alarms here in town our first due piece , is our 1903 wateruos , its horse drown, car move right out of the way ... lol no wayy .im jk , on all general alarms , our rig goes.. we operate out of 1 station with 1 engine .. and the old horse drown , we have a 1981 american lafrance refurbed in 94, look sharp. we carry full ems equip we do alot mostly all rescue calls , we have a 500 gallon tank, we use 3 inch hose supply, we have 5 inch , not used alot, 6 man crew, we run with 2 if we gotta,

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    First due pumper is a Pierce custom (88 Lance, 92 Dash, 97 Sabre -- depending on which station) with a top mount 1500gpm pump and 750gal tank. Class A foam system, 1000' of 5", 400' of 3", 4 preconnects (three 1.75", one 2"), deck gun, thermal imager, PPV fan, 7 SCBA with spares, chainsaw, Pro-Pak foam unit, 1000w portable generator w/500w light, 2 500w telelights, 3 hand radios, 4 flashlights, 28/14/10 ladders. Seating for six.

    We don't have a minimum crew size, since many of our members respond by POV. The trucks are usually on the road within 5 min of dispatch.

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    ENGINE 52
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    Our first out piece is a 1990 Pierce Lance.It's a 10 man cab converted into an 8 man cab. The pump is a 1750 gpm and 750 gallon tank. There are 3 1 3/4" and 2 2 1/2" attack lines. 1 1/2" trash line in the front bumper. The supply lines are 1000' 3" and 1300' 5" hose and also 300' 3" preconnect blitz line connected to a deck gun. the engine leaves the station with a min. of 4 personal.

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Thumbs up

    9 Out of 10 calls We'll leave the Hall First Due with Our 1999 KME 100' Ladder Truck --- {Some Might Say WHAT ? } Truck has 500' of 1 3/4 Inch Line --- Close to 500' of 5" Supply Hose and A 250 Gal. Pump --- And all the Ladders you'll need plus force entry tools and fans --- We follow up with a 1993 Pierce/Lance Engine Rescue and a 1978 Ford/Young along with a 1996 Ford F-250 Super Duty Utility Truck on a Kenco Rescue Body { Basicly a Light Duty Rescue Truck }

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    In our company our frontline piece is one of our engines unless it is a mutual aid call then we take our ladder truck. We have at least 6 members on board before we leave station. And we have 3 crosslays and 5" and 3" LDH and 1500 gallon pumps.

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    Structure fires, we run 1st out, our E-1 Hurricane 6 man custom cab 1250 Hale pump w/750 gal tank. Our preconnect crosslays consist of 1.5 and 1.75 we also have a 2.5 preconnect in the hose bed and we have a 1" booster reel. All of our members have hand held radios that are tone activated. So usually we know who is responding to the hall. The E-1 will not leave w/less than 2 members, driver included and if we know more members are responding the E-1 will wait, if time allows.
    Our 3500 gallon water tender also responds.
    On wildland fires our 4wd E-1 3 man ( set up same as the Hurricane, but w/750 Hale and 500 gal. tank.) is 1st followed by the tender and the Hurricane.
    on MVA's all 3 go if man power allows. 1st being the Hurricane and the 4wd E-1.
    On ALERT (lz's) E-1 and 4wd.
    Dave C.

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    (6) 2000 E-One Cyclone II Rescue/Pumpers
    1500 gpm / 750 gal / 30 gal class A Foam
    8000 watt Hyd Gen / 8 man cab /Top mount
    Preconnect 6' hard suction on front bumper w/ low level strainer

    Attack lines:

    (2) 1.75" - 200' preconnect crosslays
    (1) 1.75" - 150' preconnect front bumper
    (1) 1" - 100' preconnect front bumper
    (1) 2.5" - 400' static load rear attack line
    (1) 3" - 150' apartment lay
    (1) 1.75" - 150' high rise pack w/tools

    Supply line:

    2075' of 5" with Stortz couplings

    Loose Equipment:

    (1) thermal imager
    (5) hand held radios
    (7) SCBA/ (9) Spares
    24' extension ladder
    14' roof ladder
    10' folding ladder
    (2) closet hooks
    (4) pike poles
    (1) trash hook
    set of irons
    pick head axe
    prybars, bolt cutters, wire cutters,sledges
    PPV fan
    chain saw
    heat detector gun
    CO meter
    roof kit
    tool box
    (10) salvage covers
    every adaptor and fitting we need
    (3) water cans - one w/ micro blaze
    (1) ABC extinguisher
    (1) CO2 extinguisher
    (1) burst hose jacket
    (1) hose clamp
    flares & traffic cones


    (1) 4500w Light Tower
    (4) 500w lights mounted on truck
    (1) 500w Tripod light
    (2) Circle D lights
    (2) Box Lights
    (5) Survivor Lights
    (1) 200' cord reel mounted on truck
    (2) 100' cord reels
    box w/ all pig tails needed

    Rescue Equip:

    3 engines carry
    spreaders, cutters, air bags, chains
    3 engines carry
    combo - tools
    all carry
    rams & extensions
    AJAX tool
    complete set of cribbing
    metal plates
    rescue ropes
    rope throw bag
    life jackets

    Special Equip:

    Turbo Draft
    Spill contain kit

    Medical Equip:

    Complete jump bag w/O2
    (2) long back boards
    (1) short board

    Rehab Supplies:

    36 qt cooler w/gator aid
    2 gallon water cooler
    Rubber maid box full of crackers & granola
    (2) towels
    (6) pair of DRY socks


    We run with at least a driver and two firefighters.

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    First due apparatus is Engine 1833 and 33 is an 87 Hahn, leave with 4 FFs on board.
    Each FF on board has their own Scott Pak and handlight. Side mount pump panel with 2 1&3/4" preconnect crosslays one is 150' the other is 200' with 1 2&1/2" preconnect off the back that is 200', and 3 high rise packs of varying length. All hand lines have TFTs nozzles. There is also 500' of 4" LDH and 500' of 3" supply line. 4 spare Scott Paks.

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
    Station 18-3

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    Our 1st out on structure is a 1993 Frieghtliner/ E-One 1000 gal/1250 gpm. Top mount pump pannel. 3 200' crosslay preconnects, two 1 3/4" and one 2 1/2". In hosebed: 300' 2 1/2 attack line, 100' 1 1/2 preconnect trashline, 150' 1 3/4" line w/ foam nozzle, 800' supply line (out in the country we still use 2 1/2). It's a two man cab, so we usually run with 2 men, but sometimes you have to leave with just the driver, and have other members meet you on scene and get other apparatus.

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    1998 FL80 / Superior (Canadian, eh!), 1250 pump, 1300 water, 50 Class A, 30 Class B. Plus external Foam pick up. 300 gpm Portapump piped to 2 hosebed mounted 1.5" deck guns for pump and roll.

    2 door cab with full height top mount enclosed panel. 4 SCBA seat in Enclosure. 6 man response rural. Roll a 7th in jump seat for hydrant in town.

    3" deck gun foam capable
    2 200ft 1.5" preconnects.
    4" High vol Discharge
    1 100 ft 2.5" rear preconnected wyed to (2) 150' 1.5" (sisco load)
    1000 ft 4", 400 ft 2.5" protection line.

    5000 watt genset. 2 500 watt telelights, 6 outlets around truck for 110v / 1 220 outlet.

    2 external air connections and tool tank for air tools.

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    fellow firefighters
    our first due at station 3 is a 1966 ford hahn 750 gpm 1000galtank full equip load

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    Our first out truck is a 1985 Grumman Firecat. 1500 gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank, 40 gallon foam tank. 6 Interspiro 4500 airpacks.
    Truck typically leaves with 1 or 2. We have 2 1 3/4 crosslays, for the quick attack, and we carry 1000 ft. of 5 inch, 800 ft of 2 1/2,
    and 200 foot rear preconnected 1 3/4, and last but not least 2 150 ft hotel packs of 1 3/4

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    Our first due is a Ford F-700 with a 3 man crew. It has a 450 gallon PTO pump, since we are semi-rural this is a good size, we have two 1.5 inch preconnects in the hose bed, and when we use foam it is a separate foam eductor. We have 800 feet of 2.5 inch supply line, one PPV fan, one salvage tarp, a chain saw, complete BLS first responder equipment, 4 SCBAs and 4 spare bottles. The booster tank holds 750 gallons of water, this unit also has our rescue tools on it. One fires we have our 1500 gallon tanker closebehind with the ladders and extra SCBAs.

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    We're a paid on call department, so 7 guys in the station.

    1st out is the ladder with a 4 man crew, a 1998 E-One 100', pre-piped waterway, no pump. (A real ladder that is, not a Quint or an engine with a squirt) Ladder out first means we get the front of the building.

    2d out is the engine, 1996 E-One, 1250 pump, 1000 tank, 800' 5", 2 preconnected 2", 1 preconnected 3" with vindacator nozzle. 3 or 4 man crew.

    From the other station:
    1998 International/E-One engine, 4 man crew, 1000 pump, 750 tank, 800' 5", 2 preconnected 2", 1 preconnected 3" with vindacator nozzle.

    2000 F350 Squad with two man crew. Carries EMS Equipment, spare bottles, Jaws, etc

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    First out is a 1989 GMC, 500 gal booster tank, 1050gpm waterous two man pumper with driver and FF. It carries 2 1-1/2" crosslays of 150' pre-connected. 600' of 2-1/2" forward lay, 600' of 2-1/2" reverse lay w/gate valves and hydrant wrench, and 400' of 1-1/2" hose transverse. 4 SCBA's, 2 silo paks, 6 pails of AFFF foam and related equipment, water/CO2/dry chem ext.'s, chimney kit, hose ramps, hose adaptors and clamps, flares, flashlights, firstaid kits. 35 ft., attic and roof ladders, 4" hard suction and pike poles as well as miscellaneous small items.

    Stay safe.

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    In Our Dept, Our First Due Is A 1 Tonn Compressed Air Foam Truck, Which Is Tailed By A 1996 840gpm 1200Gal Pumper. The Pumper Truck Was Our First Due Truck Untill We Got The CAFS System. The CAFS Has proved Itself Many Times, It Can Be On Scene Faster And Can Be Set Up And Attacking The Fire Quicker Than The Pumper. Our Dept Swears By CAFS Now, We Think It's The Best Thing Since Flexible Suction:-)

    Stay Safe Everyone

    Be Safe, Use Smoke Detectors....
    Be Safer, Sleep With A Fire Fighter:-)

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    Bobby Hunter
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    My department runs as first out on all fires a 1995 Seagrave, with 750 gallon tank and a 1250 gpm pump.It goes out with the three man career staff and any volunteers that are at the station at the time of the call. The two career medics take the Medic unit, the other career person takes the Tanker. As the volunteers show up they take either the 1999 Spartan Rescue -Engine with a 1250 GPM pump, 500 gal tank and full rescue eguipment or they take the 1993 Internation/KME with a 1250 gpm front mounted pump, 500 gal tank (unit is used for drafting mustly on fires). These two units go out with what ever number of people show up, usally with atleast a crew of two.

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