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    So, here's a question (that will probably enrage a lot of people, some people will whine, throw a fit, grunt, grumble, etc)...

    How do you get your bloody Dashlaser to sit on your dashboard? Mine's been sliding all over lately, as I try to figure out a way to keep it secure. Granted, I drive a really tiny car with next to no dashboard, and I'm also challenged with dodging an airbag deployment path....


    ps. don't try to run code in a accent. It doesn't work.

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    1 word - Velcro

    Seriously, in VA we have to have a town/county decal (tax base) as well as a state inspection sticker mounted bottom center of the windshield. My dash light set just behind these decals (approx 2.5 to 3" square each) with just enough height to flash over the stickers. I have the light mounted to some scrap pieces of nylon (the thick whhite kind - not panty hose ) and that in turn is covered in the "fuzzy" loop side of velcro and there is a cooresponding patch of "bristles" or hook velcro in the dash.

    I drive a 4x4 truck and have gone up some pretty nasty logging trails for brush/equipment fires and it stays put. Yet every year when i need to replace the decals it zips right off the dash out of the way.

    Be creative in making a mount (and back flash protector) but above all be safe about it.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    Your best option is either Velcro OR a "Z-Bracket" with suction cups. You can order those from Galls.com or respectively the maker of you light. I personally use 2 Z-Brackets to mount my light behind my rear-view mirror, works great.
    Good luck.


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    Gall's sells brackets for dash lights, or make your own. Just 2 pieces of metal that are attached by rivets, but they can slide to adjust the length. Also the part that goes to the windshield is bent up and has 2 suction cups to secure it to the windshield.

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