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    Post Brothers and Sisters

    My Brothers and Sisters,
    I need your help. I will be participating in DC AIDSRide, a 330 mile 4 day charity bicycle ride that occurs June 21st-June 24th. Proceeds will benefit charities which provide essential food and medical services to persons and families suffering from AIDS in the greater DC area. Riders need to raise a minimum of $2400 by May 25th.
    Although I don't know you personally, I truly consider you all as brothers and sisters and I know that like the air I breath, I can always count on you! Anything you can do is greatly appreciated and will help alleviate the suffering of others. You can make a online contribution via: http://www.aidsride.org/new/dc/index.htm
    My Rider # is 2104
    Thanks so very much!
    Your brother in fire,
    JD Klim
    Wayne, NJ

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    I'm sorry but donating to you would be like donating to a woman without legs is it her fault she has to ride around all day on a skate board thanks but no thanks.

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    Your shinning compassion and intellect have only inspired me to work harder in this endeavor. I can only hope that your words also act to inspire others to join me and give! Thank you.

    [This message has been edited by JD (edited 03-28-2001).]

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    Do you even understand the pain she goes threw sittin on that rough surface. Once in a while she will lean side to side just to turn but then falls off and rolls down hills. If anyone deserves money it's her. I'm going to give her $5.00 for new wheels just so she can roll around easier. It's sad here you can work and you beg for money. She's lucky to pick up a pop can to turn it in for 5 cents. It's not easy she says with out legs, but she says come summer time she gets paid to be a human buwey in the water for boats that's courage and dedication.

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