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    Red face

    My first run was for a barn fire. Man that was 18 1/2 years ago and I still remember it just like yesterday. I was assigned to a 2 1/2 attack line with experienced firefighters with me and the coupling for the nozzle broke with the pressure on the line and the adrinaline pumping I could not let go of the dang nozzle and was almost pulled into the fire. Let's just say that bunker gear is no fun when it gets wet inside, lol.

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    My first call was a chimeny fire. We had just gotten our gear and we were starting our regular Monday night training and then we were toned out to chimeny fire. Nothing serious, but it was awesome.


    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

    **And of course these are only my opinion and only mine. Don't take it out on anyone else but me.**

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    Deputy Dog Dashwood
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    My first call was an MVA AS bout A 1 mile away i was 16 years old I ran to the call thinking I could be some help, By the time I got there They were just clearing. I had to get a ride home with the deputy chief. No body told me any other thing but "just get to the call" I didn't have wheels yet and didn't know any better. Oh well!! I know better now Iam deputy chief. I don't even get to ride the trucks now. So when I have new FF'ds join I tell them my story.

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    I started as a Junior Fireman almost eleven years ago. At that time I was fifteen. Back then as a JF we were allowed to respond to any alarm except EMS. It turns out that my first call was an all hands fire at a two story woodframe house. It was my first real exposure to the actions at a fire scene. I was only a member for three days. I remember that I was asked by a truckie as I was changing his Scott Bottle to get a 6 foot hook and an attic ladder and asking him where it was kept on the truck. This was really my first introduction to the fire service. While I was helping out I watched as the men fought the fire, vented the roof, took up and conducted the investigation.

    It's interesting that firemen can remember not only their first call but every call and to the finest detail such as what the box number was, the address, type of building even the layout of the building. I can even remember what time of day it was and what the weather was like.

    I have been on many runs since then and have experienced many fires. But I will always remember my first the most. I think it's because it had the most impact on me deciding what I wanted to persue as a career.

    Thanks for letting me share that. Stay safe.

    All the best,
    Glen B.

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    Fatal MVA - Car vs. 18 wheeler. Best anyone could tell, the car driver was looking down in his briefcase on the seat while moving along at a pretty good clip; truck was pulling out across the road ahead of him making a left turn onto the road and there they met. Car hit the trailer so hard it broke the axle on the trailer. Poor guy died with the most classic "Oh sh#@' look on his face I have ever seen.

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    Wow I just realized its been 18 years since my first official call. (My first call I was 5, riding on my Dad's knee.) My first official call was a three alarm, two special signal...brush fire. Jumped a river, threatened houses, we had 7 engines, a tanker, and a boat all in operation. And we got to roll almost 2000' of 3". Brings back some fond memories. Though I'm not sure the NFPA would approve of the way we used our dive boat, a portable pump, and some 1 1/2" to create a fire boat.

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    My very first "official" call was a Motor Vehicle Accident. Turned out to be no injuries, we just assisted P.D with traffic control and helped the tow truck crew clean up the road.

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    First call was a smells and bells. Smoke alarm and smell in a 1sty residence. Turned out to be a blown florescent ballast w/no extension.

    It was the home of a little old lady a block down from my house. She gave piano lessons (although I gave up piano after only 1 month).

    Now, if you had asked about my 2ND call....

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    My first time for a call with fire was at a stip shopping center. The liquor store, jewlery store and the photo store went up. I just started FF1. We orginally got hit out for an alarm system. PD got there and upgraded call. I was a member for all of two months at this time. The fire started in the sing on the front of the stores. I ended up on the tip on the outside. I had a blast. I rember that the call came out at 2359 hours(11:59pm) and we didn't leave untill about 0500 hours. It was one memory that I will cherish forever.

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    Herrin 833
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    First call was automatic alarm only three days after joining our dept. New members are not allowed to ride out until probation is over,or proper training is completed. Members are required to respond to station,but do get paid for each call that is responed to. Our vol. are paid on call. Although last week I was able to get to ride out for a field fire,toned out just as I was leaving my full time job for lunch,what a deal getting paid for something you love while getting paid for something you have to do(too pay the bills).lol

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    the 1 st call I went on was a fully involved laundrymat fire. I can still remember seeing the glow from about 8 miles away.I didnt get to do to much but it was enough to get my attention to want to be a vol. fire fighter

    asst.chief kevin smith

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    My first call was a practical joke some kids were playing on an elderly lady that was using a grill to cook on. The kids thought it would be funny to see us roll up with two pumpers and a tanker and scare the daylights out of her.

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    First call was a chimney fire, turned into structure fire.
    I got my gear the night before. Around 6am was paged for a chimney fire! What a way to start!


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    My first call came out as "reported explosion in a basement, possible fire, possible entrapment"... that was all I paid attention to so I didn't hear that the address was a friend's house about a block away. After that, I was hooked. Be safe all.

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    Reported smoke in a resturant. It was just an overdone hamburger. I didn't even get to leave the truck. Great first call.


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    First call for me was an MVA with injury. Car versus telephone pole.

    ***Stay safe out there***
    ***These opinion(s) are my own, and not that of the department in which I serve***

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    First call I responded to was an EMS call in our ambulance. What a start!

    Rob Farnum
    Eddyville Volunteer Fire and Rescue
    "The views expressed by me are soley my own, and in no way reflect the views of any organization which I belong to." Too bad that in this day and age we cannot express opinions for fear of offending people we don't know and casting a bad light on people we associate with. Especially here in the Fire/EMS community.

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    My First call was a false alarm, some guy who is not really all there saw a fire on TV and thought he was looking out his window. It was kinda funny, but man i tell ya, The adrenaline sure was a going. I was shaking i was so pumped up. Riding in the jump seat putting my gear on, I was soooo excited. Even if it was a false alarm, it was still fun

    Jeremy Cross
    Mid County Fire Dept

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    Neptune 33
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    I joined my company on a monday, and had my first call that following wednesday. It was a 2 alarm house fire in our town. It was in January, and it was sleeting, the wires were covered with ice, and they fell onto the household line, and blew the breakerbox off the wall, the first in crew was almost caught in a backdraft, but they got the door shut just in time. I'll always remember that one.

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