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    Post safety glasses for people who wear glasses?

    We have a few members in my department that wear glasses. Their glasses are safety rated, but they still have to wear another set over top because their regular ones don't provide coverage from the side. So, is there a way around this? Perscription safetey glass? Attachments to the sides?

    I don't wear glasses myself, but I hate to see fellow members fight with two pairs of glasses and a face shield.

    Also, any advice to keep safety glasses from fogging up?

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    So in your department SOG's state that you need to wear safety glasses and the sheild. In ours we just go for the sheild. It works great, and we've never had any incidents or problems. That could be a thought.....


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    I looked into it, and the funny thing is that we have a very minimal amount of OGs (they were all thrownout in an attempt to keep us from our elections a few years back). The old set didn't have anything in them. Our Deputy Chief says we have to because WCB says we have to. And their regs do say we have to wear safety glasses while extricating. I am not about to fight WCB, so the guys wear two sets along with their shield.

    I was just wondering what other departments do about this when there regs say they have to.

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