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    Post cracked helmet

    I have a helmet question too...

    I have a yellow bullard salad bowl helmet, It is a nice looking helmet, with the laether front patch and nicely decorated with stickers and stuff, but that is beside the point.......

    My helmet is starting to get small spider cracks in the back around the edges of the brim, they are barely noticable. They seem to get a little bit worse everytime Igo into a house fire or a live burn. I was wondering if anyone knew what caused these cracks to occur? it heat, steam, smut...I am not sure. The helmet is only about 2 years old, so I don't think it has anything to age.

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Neptune 33 Guest


    I don't know what it was caused by, but I'd bet that it probably has reduced the integrity of the helmet, and should probably be replaced. You should check with your Chief, as long as you weren't using it for anything other than Firefighting duties, your department should pay for the replacement, if the problem occured during incidents and trainings, after all, your safety comes first.

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    eyecue Guest


    see below

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    eyecue Guest


    Contact the fire equipment dealer in your area or the maker and see what they say and or can do about it. From what you are saying it sounds like the clear coat above the fiber may be reacting the thermal expansion and shrinkage and it is cracking. Inspect it real good with a bright light to see if there are any cracks that go through. IF not you are probably ok.

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