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    Question How to keep it interesting.........

    On our Dept. of 25 Volunteers with only 10 emergency responses in 2000, besides the regular training and meetings, we have other activitites to keep things interesting. Our Dept. has various socials, BBQ's, poker games, etc. during the year. In the winter season, we play hockey every Sunday afternoon against other Fire Dept. teams or groups, where skill is an asset, not a requirement. With so few emergency calls, we look to other activities besides training to keep things upbeat. My question is "What extra -curricular activities do other Departments hold to keep the interest up and bring together friendship/teamwork, especially in smaller, all Vol. Depts that have few emergency calls, to keep participation up?"

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    We have quite a few more responses than 10 a year --- Last Year we Logged 425 but...there is a need for activities because out of our 425 calls only about 50 to 80 of them generated actual smoke and flames { Car Fires, Brush Fires, Houses and Buildings Ect..} and the House and building fires were in other communities we haven't had an in town structure fire in almost 3 years. As a company we gather for a Company Picnic each year --- New Years Eve, and Christmas Parties and our Annual Convention in Wildwood, NJ and Sunday Morning Coffee Gatherings at the Fire House { Ie: Nicknamed "Church". Plus we gather through-out the year for various fund-raisers such as the burn foundation volley ball marathon --- Yes we are slightly a bit busier but there is usually always something "Cooking" Down at the Hall


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    Every year we usually have the Dept vs. Dept skeet shooting competition. This has drawn depts from as far as 100 miles away. And of course, the usual coffee on Sunday mornings, and waterball fight in the summer. In the winter, if we get a really good snow storm, (and we usually do) then somebody will end up making a big pot of chili at the station. Works out great, since you can leave it on the stove all day as people come and go.
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    we have 160-160 calls per year and only see smoke 10 times a year. bewteen drills meetings fundraisers calls my wife says i live there as it is so if we get anymore things to do shes gonna have a bird. and ya dont want to see that .

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