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    Thumbs up Rewarded But not with Money

    We got a call one night for a house fire with a possibility of a child trapped inside. My partner and myself were assigned to search the back bedrooms on the second floor while another team was searching the front rooms and we were to meet in the middle upon completion,and exit the upstairs area as the kids rooms were located on the ground floor and the father had reported that the child was in bed asleep when last seen. When my partner and I entered the master bedroom we only got a couple feet inside the door when we discovered the child. She had gotten scared and went looking for her mommy. We reported over radio that we had found a child and was coming out. When we handed the little girl over to EMS the look of relief on Mom's face was Thank's enough for me for doing something that I love. But, almost 6 years later as my wife and I were walking down the sidewalk on mainstreet this woman stops dead in her tracks and starts crying and just grabs me in one of the tightest hugs I've ever had from a small lady and she was saying " Thank You, Thank You." After we got this lady calmed down she explained about who she was and that the little girl standing next to her would not be here if not for the team work the four of us put into searching the upstairs in that house that night. Although I did not forget about that run NO AMOUNT of money could replace the feeling of pride I get when I hear of a simalar story. Well thats my story whats yours?

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    Thumbs up

    That's a great story! I don't have any of my own to share yet but stories like this are one of the reasons I joined a VFD.

    Thanks for sharing it Sloepoke!

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    That must have been an awesome feeling. I can't imagine what you must have felt when that lady came up to you 6yrs later!!!

    That's awesome.

    Way to go!


    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

    **And of course these are only my opinion and only mine. Don't take it out on anyone else but me.**

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    That is what it is all about, the endless hours training, the missed meals, the sleepless nights, and the million other thankless jobs we do.

    For me, my story happened last year. We were called to a rollover down an embankment. The vehicle was on its passanger side leaning over at 45 degrees. Two trees held it up on the hood and trunk. The passanger, a 17 year old girl, was hanging from the driver's seat by her seat belt with her legs pinned under the dash. Because it was down an embankment, and there wasn't a lot of room to work with, it took us 40 minutes to cut her out. Had to remove some trees, flap the roof, pop the driver's door, ram the dash forward, and then bring her down onto the board.

    A few days later, her father phoned and told us that she had suffered numerous neck injuries and was in a full halo-harness and backplate. Some time after that, we got another phone call from her mother telling us that she was up and able to walk.

    When ever I have a bad call, or feel burntout, I think of what we did that morning. It turns out that she was going to the same highschool I graduated from a year before. I believe in what we do, and after seeing the results, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    Sloepoke1, thanks for the story.

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