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    Red face Discipline of Firefighters

    Here's a question for all - What sort of discipline should have been handed to the two firefighters described in this article that were caught "red handed"? Dismissal? Suspension? Reprimand?

    Should the discipline for an action like this differ between a volunteer department and a career department?


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    I've seen guys do alot worse and get a lot less. I don't want to air any dirty laundry but I think it has happened in a lot of other places and should maybe have been treated a little differently. I think in other dept.s it might have been let go by who ever caught who ever and the persons involed would have been riden for a while no pun intended. I don't know all of the situation here when did it happen late at night no one around or in the middle of a fund drive, it might make a difference. In any difference it should have been brought to a membership commitee and if so many of the members still felt it unjust maybe a co. vote. But like I said with out knowing the whole truth I can't make any real judgement.

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    I think suspension should have been adequate enough for the both of them. The embarrassment of getting caught I'm sure would be enough for both of them. Besides, if they were both consenting adults, I don't see any harm done. Who hasn't done or hasn't wanted to do this themselves. Where is the dept. really gonna get with kicking them out. Everyone says that vollies are in short supply, apparantly things aren't well now with this happening either. Lets face it, either decision won't change anyone else from doing it if they wanted to. If I wanted some scooty on a rig, then so be it, I'd just be careful, and if I got caught, what's gonna happen? Am I gonna lose a paycheck? These guys need to get real.

    The above is my thoughts/opinions only and doesn't reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, deal with, or am a member of.

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    Two consenting adults engaging in sexual realtions is not a crime.

    Two consenting adult firefighters engaging in sexual realtions on a fire truck, not a crime, but it seems to me like serious case of "a momentary laspe of reason"...what in hell were they thinking about...the sex scene in Backdraft?

    The next time the want to "do the wild thing"...they should get a motel room...it would be far more comfortable than the hosebed!

    Firefighters: Todays heroes protecting everyones tomorrows!
    Captain Gonzo

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    I would have just laughed hysterically while they scrambled to put their clothes back on....and left it at that. Unless it was my wife and/or girlfriend that was up there!

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    Good judgment come from experience.

    Experience comes from bad judgment.

    I'd love to be at their next awards dinner.


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    Providing they were two consenting adults and their 'activity' did not prevent or delay response to an emergency call I'd say that kicking them out is ridiculous.

    The behavior is innapropriate for the firehouse, yes. So is bad language, hazing and well I'm sure we observe any and all safety regulations too huh?

    Let the punishment fit the crime. Someone may have been offended so an apology and a suspension I can see. Losing half your staff because of a power trip or pushing your idea of morality I can't.

    Bottom line, you serve the people of your community. This should have been kept internal to the department (Preferably the officers and perpetrators) and it should have been handled with professionalism and dignity. Right now it begs for Jerry Springer to come live on location.

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