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    FC02 Guest

    Post minitor III

    We have had these Minitor III's for about two weeks now. First off, they were programmed wrong(no fault of the pagers), but now we have them back and they are so undependable. They will set off for a run or two, then miss the page for the next. What's up with this?! Does anyone else have this trouble? I know I'm about ready to send this one back. I wouldn't give up my Minitor II for nothing, but we don't care for the III's so far. If you know anything that could help, please let me know. Thanks

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    SRVFD2 Guest

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    Give them a little time, and you'll lose all the rubber knob-covers (and channels aren't easy to change without them!) - and they can't be replaced without sending the pager back. (DUH - how do any of our ff hear calls meantime??) I'd love to go back to our Minitor II's - but they were lo-band,and county is now high band - so we're stuck with this inferior product. I, too, would appreciate hearing if anyone has a solution.

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    nomad1085 Guest


    I'd glue my minitor II to my waist before I give it up for a III. I have yet to hear a posative comment on the MIII from anyone anywhere. They are nice with the options and 5 functions, but all those are USELESS if it isn't dependable. Everytime motorola says "It is fixed", a month later a new problem turns up or the same one comes back. I could run my Minitor II over with an engine after getting knocked out a 3rd floor window by an ax and it would still work. You can't walk down a sidewalk without something going wrong on a III.


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    firefighter26 Guest


    I have had a Minitor III for almost two years and I have only had to send mine into the shop once. I think mine is the exception, as most our other MIIIs go in every couple of months. I am glad that mine works great, even after dropping it off the roof of the fire hall, twice.

    I have read a few articles a few different magazines that report of defects and recalls of all types. I will give it a look to see what I can find.

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    My Company Started Out with Six Minitor III for our 6 Front Line Officers....So Far No Problems have been discovered except for one that had a programming error which was fixed at our County Communications Center { We have a Shop there for radios/pagers } We plan to phaze 6 more in this year and 6 more the next year and so on until everybody has one...I'm kind of attatched to my
    Minitor II Repeater Unit --- Have had it since I joined this Company in '98 and never had a problem with it....Are these Minitor III's as bad as everyone makes them out to be ? Just from seeing them and noticing how much lighter they are scares me.....But we all said that when the original Minitor was replaced by the Minitor II....I say Bring back the Original Minitor or the
    Page-Com....I've used both and found those to be virtually indestructable


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    Exp.chief51 Guest


    I have had my minitor III since about christmas of 2000, and it hasn't missed a call yet. The biggest problem I have had is the selector knob moving from "closed" alert to vibrate without me knowing. Other than that, it has been a great pager.

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    LSVFDFFSTA61 Guest


    I am aware od the Minitor II having amps. Does the III have them and to how much are they and are they good? About the Minitor IIIs I have heard the second generation is a lot better than the first is this true too. Thank You.

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    KGM Guest


    I still like My II!

    Our dept. went to Sceptars (sp?) since the Minitor II was no longer available, and because everything we read and researched said they would receive better than the Minitor III.

    Our district is a long narrow canyon where communications are a problem anyway. The Sceptars do not work as well as the Minitor II's. The Minitor II's are analog (Crystal) as compared to digital (Sceptars and Minitor III's) Radio Guru's seem to think the analog receivers work better.

    Nothing works perfectly but I will keep my old minitor II for now, thank you! Not many bells and whistles but it is dependable!

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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    Ive got one min3 to return today (broken knob and doesn't beep, just opens) and another to send out when this one gets back. Boy I wish I had the repair contract for these garbage-bombs!

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    medtranz Guest


    The "moneytor"III sux like a hoover. I refuse to give up my II. Out of 17 III's we had 1 worked right.The other 16 were in repair more than on a belt.Thank god the II's can still be gotten in uhf & vhf.

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    Bob Snyder Guest

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    We're cursed by being a relatively small market, compared to commercial and consumer communications. As a result of this and their quality in the past, Motorola has been able to build a dominant market share over the years. As a result of that, they now feel free to build cheap and poorly-designed crap that is insufficiently ruggedized for fire service use. Remember when they rushed the Minitor III to market?? Just in time for the "Christmas rush" two years ago...just like it was some new multi-colored cellphone design for the kids.

    We have seven of these chunks of garbage right now and won't be buying any more. One is permanently OOS, since sending it back to Motorola only results in getting another unit back that also doesn't work. The others just take trips to the factory every few months. Motorola refuses to listen to their dealers or customers to figure out what's wrong, and just keep cranking out defective product. It really doesn't even make good business sense, which is really strange. I mean, I understand that Motorola obviously doesn't give a rat's *** about us or the people we serve...but I thought they'd want to protect their bottom line by solving the problem. All that I thought I learned from those college economics courses...right down the drain...

    We've been let down by Motorola and, should a good alternative emerge, we should all buy, buy, buy.

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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    A minitor 3 is like a ballpark beer.......
    You never really own it, it just passes through!

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    SRVFD2 Guest

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    We agree with the above comments - this product is a bummer!! Now, will someone please forward this whole topic to Motorola to let them see how many parts of the country are in agreement??? (And when will they provide us DECENT replacements??)

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    Fireman488 Guest

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    I agree with all the negative comments regarding the Minitor III. It is a totally inferior product.

    Our's are continually being sent out for repair; and when they do work, receiving range is a problem.

    Maybe we should petition Motorola, urging them to renew production of the Minitor II.

    Stay safe!!


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    SFD-129-3 Guest


    Rumor from my local dealer is that Motorola is getting out of the paging business. Haven't been able to find anything in their website but it would make sense with the way the economy is going.

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    capt311 Guest


    I got my III 6 months ago the only problem I have had with it is the knobs keep falling off but I must admit I miss my II

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    FaxmanEDM Guest


    Well, I have one and sometimes I like it and other times I hate. Have had it for over a year maybe close to 2. It was one of the first batch that went through countless recalls. Now the volume control just spins and spins. I do enjoy the feature for multiple sets of tones. But overall, I am disappointed.

    Eric Minnich, FF/EMT
    Neffs Volunteer Fire Co.
    Neffs, Pennsylvania

    "Leather Forever"

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    F52 Westside Guest


    We have had a lot of problems with the "Moneytor 3s" (LOL - I like that). They would not go off for our Station 2 P.O.C. tone but worked for the other tones. They would work fine at the radio shop. Finally that seems to be fixed. The voice playback is the only thing left to be fixed now. As far as I know we have not had a lot of trouble with the knobs falling off.

    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
    Local 3008
    "Doin' it for lives n' property"

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    philip publicover Guest


    We have just distributed the third batch of Minitor III pagers, bringing our total to 20 purchased since March 1999.

    Since this time we have had only one complaint, one member lost a volume control knob.

    These pagers are bare bones with only a tone and voice message.

    I understand that the more features that the pager has the more problems.

    Cross our fingers. So far, so good.

    Train Hard and Train Safe.

    Philip Publicover, Fire Chief
    District #1 Fire Department
    Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada


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    Eng522ine Guest


    My department has in excess of 150 Minitor III's. I'd say that there isn't a single one that hasn't been back to the dealer at LEAST two or three times. It is so bad that at time's we're running out of spares! These pagers don't have all the bells and whistles either, they're set for 2 different tones and they have the silent alert mode and that's it... no stored voice or anything else. I can confidently say that Motorola has let us all down with this piece of trash that they've sold us. But, as was said before, where else can you go for a better pager? I know of no other company but, to be honest I haven't done too much research on it. If anybody knows of a quality replacement, please let me know, I know my department would be happy to ship these things back to Motorola in a hurry.

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    Adze Guest


    My FD currently uses Motorola KeyNote pagers. Our Communications Officer got Minitor III's for all the officers to try. Most of the officers stopped using the Minitor III's after 2 weeks and went back to their Keynotes. I don't know if anyone had a problem with a knob, but many had a problem with the pager not going off. Even when they left it in the "Open" position, they could hear our tones but the pager would not activate.

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    DD Guest


    I wonder if the Consumer Products Safety Commission would look into monkeyrolla's junk IIIs?

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    Squad33whacker Guest


    Well, I've had my Minitor III (Low Band) for almost 6 months now and I haven't had any problems with it, nor has it never opened in any of the positions. It is the 2 channel model with priority scan.

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    Malahat27 Guest


    I have had a Min III for about 10 months now, and aside from the fact that when in certain structure types (multi level malls, etc) I have not yet missed a page. I work outside my district, and again, the building I work in isn't conducive to good comms, but I am still able to receive home unit pages, and while on "monitor" manage to get the dispatches for 3 other districts as well. However, we do have some members who have had nothing but problems with theirs. Not receiving the page is the most common complaint.
    Cheers from Malahat, Play safe y'all.

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    Engine 51 Guest

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    I have had a Minitor III for almost 2 years now. It did have to go in for repairs shortly after I got it, but haven't had any problems since. There was a recall for them because they weren't charging properly. We have quite a few of them in service now and they seem to be holding up to the test. I like the fact that I can get around 20 hours of work out of my III with sometimes only a 4-5 hour charge. Ours only have 1 tone and the newer ones now have the vibrate mode on them. So far so good

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