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    Question Driver training . . . CDL or not CDL, That is the question?

    What are the training requirements for a member of your fire company to become a driver?
    How soon after joining your company, is someone able to become a driver?
    What does your state require. Do your drivers need to get a CDL {commercial drivers license}

    A couple of years ago, PA tried to make all volunteer fire company drivers get their CDL but the initiative failed.

    In my company, you need to be in the company for 3 years, take E.V.O.C.K., defensive driving, and pump opps, and complete a minimum of 10 hours of driver training on each rig that you will be a driver for. Then the chief needs to approve you after speaking to all of the drivers you went on the road with.

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    In my dept, we can start learning the trucks as soon as we join, when doing this we have a senior member ride with them and teach them the basics of the truck, And with the Chief OK.
    As to frive to a scene, we have to take entry level driver/operator. (for first responders just the diver part.) The dept requires this and I belive the state reqires this... someone please correct me if i am wrong. We are not required to have a CDL.

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    In my vollie house, the requirements are that the member must be 21 years of age (Insurance company's rule, not ours) and be a member of the department for 18 months (our rule) to begin training. Depending on the trainee, training can be 6 months or a year or more. Defensive driving, EVOC course and CEVO courses are mandatory. A CDL is not required.

    New York State tried to make all volunteer firefighters that drive fire apparatus to obtain CDL's. However that was fought and squashed quickly because of the cost and other factors.

    I know the insurance companies have their rules and regulations and they never want to pay a claim if they feel they can get away with it. If you don't require formal training such as a CDL, make sure your butt is covered by having training documentation for driving apparatus. Yes, it's a big vehicle but it also has pretty lights and sirens and becomes a target for any lawsuit happy individual.

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    -- Minimum age 21
    -- Complete driver training on the vehicle(s) their signed off to drive. DT is recorded on sheet in a book in the office -- minimum 10 times out, 50 road miles, more than one driver & final road test with the Truck Officer. Show how to operate generator/pumps/aerial/etc depending what truck has
    -- CDL not required, but strongly encouraged for the large trucks. Minimum is the "2Q" which is the same road test, without the written CDL test. We use it as one of the perks of membership is being trained to get the CDL. The only "drawback" is the state no longer allows CDL road tests in fire apparatus, so the members going for their test have to borrow and practice in one of the Town Highway Department's dump trucks that they take to the test. Fortunately their Union is cooperative since they don't let the Foreman move a truck, but the vollies can use them for driving tests!

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