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    Post Stupid minitor II question

    I was finally able to turn in my Minitor I for a Minitor II. Now a
    question, it has the "0, 1, 2" selector on top. What does this do and where
    should the selector be left?


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    My Minitor II does the following:

    0 or bell symbol when placed at this setting the pager is closed and opens when my Dept. tones go off.

    1 is for fire ground channel one

    2 is for fire ground channel two

    So when it is on 0 I just hear my Dept calls, when it is on 1 I hear the entire County calls.

    Hope this helps.

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    Red face

    Hay, Bud

    dly is right, thats the way our's work and There is NO such thing as a Stupid Question.

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    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    Yeah, but once in awhile you can get some pretty stupid answers.

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    On our Minitor II's, the bell is for when the pager is closed and only goes off when we are toned. Channel one is the same frequency as the bell but the channel is open. Channel two is for the County Sherrif's Office which is what the ambulance service and rescue squad operate on.
    And that's right, there is no stupid question. We all have questions that we think are stupid, but there are always others who have the same question but are affraid to ask.

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    Here's my workings on the minII. The bell is the "waiting for a tone" setting, and the other two channels are open channels on the same frequency. It all depends on how your department has your pager set up!


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    I never put mine on the Bell, butt when my tones go off the red light at the top flashes, if i was to put it on the Bell would it only pick up my tones, also would it pick up what the dispatcher said after or would i have to switch it to 1?

    Also i droped mine and the clip on the back broke off and there is a little crack on the back of the case where can i get a new case for it or where can i alteast get the clip? cause it is hard to charge it without the clip

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    It all depends on what part broke....but if the part holding the clip on the case broke, you need an entire new case.......it'll run ya about 30.00

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    When you are "on the bell", you won't hear anything... UNTIL your tones go off. The pager will beep, chirp, or whatever you want to call it. Then your pager will "OPEN" and you will hear the radio transmissions that you NORMALLY hear when you are set on "1".

    Ours are set to 1=Dispatch (F-1) and 2=Apparatus response (F-2).

    Hope this helps!

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    The pager works as it is programed.

    Bell - when your cap code is activated ie- your tones go off, it beeps and then is open until the reset button is pressed.

    1 - most are programmed to be the same frequency as the cap coded frequency, but when on 1, the channel is open. And as stated before, when you are toned, the pager will still beep and the little light flash as if you were on bell, or alarm.

    2 - depends on the programming. If nothing is programmed, it is the same as 1. If there is a frequency in the same band you would like to have, such as a tactical or fireground channel, it can be programmed and when this channel is selected, it is an open frequency.

    As for the busted case, it may still charge, depending on if you have an amplified or standard charger. The main concern is contaminates, moisture, etc. getting in your case and frying the card. Once the card is fryed she is done for. You should be able to get the case fairly easy. Biggest problem we have is with the battery doors.

    Hope this helped. Oh, and remember, the only dumb question is the one never asked!!

    Keep it safe out there, will ya!!

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    Minitor II's are strange animals...Not as indestructable as the Original Minitor { Brick } but tough all the same...My Minitor II SV { Repeater } Works the same as a standard MT II ... Bell setting the pager will only trip when my Company is alerted { Light will flash and the pager will remain open until it is manualy re-set using the square button on the top. 1. Setting is the same channel we are alerted on but you will also hear every unit in the county that is toned also...kind of annoying...and our 2. Setting is our response/fireground channel....With the SV or Stored Voice Unit we can play back the address of the last call up to 32 seconds....We are phazing in Minitor III Units 6 per year until every member gets one { based on senority after the officers get thiers the first 6 have 'em} I've herd pros and cons and to tell the truth Minitor II Still OK with me....But I still say BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL MINITOR....!!!

    OVER-ALL CHAMPIONS 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000 !!

    ***The Opinions expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of the Department to which I am a Member ! ***

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