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    Post Proper Apparatus Wet Downs/Housings

    Is there a "proper" or "approved" method of welcoming new apparatus to a community. I have read about several types, but never witnessed one. Is wetting it down preferred over pushing it in to the station?
    What is the tradition or history behind this?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Don't know if this helps....but, my understand here is that visiting chiefs push the engine in first with lights and sirens, second, the line officers from purchasing company push in with lights and sirens, third, purchasing company members push in with lights and sirens and house siren being blown. Don't know if this is correct tradition,or reasons, would love to know myself. Hope this helps

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    My understanding is that the apparatus being replaced wets down the new rig and the dept. members "push" the new rig in, I'm sure with a little "help"!

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    We wet down the new truck with the old one and then the station members push it in... Of course our newest bay resident weighs in at 60,000 Lbs. so we idled in reverse and pushed real hard...

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    Heres the "blessing of a fire engine" as taken from St. Tikhon's Seminary's Book of Needs:

    "O God, Just Ruler and the Lover of Mankind: Mercifully hear our petition and pour out Your blessing on this Fire Engine, that as it is used in faith and feverent prayer against the ravages of fire, it may issue forth streams of water to extinguish the roaring flemes, completley wiping out their destructive force, that no injury befall the faithful who place their trust in You, and that no damage be done to their possesions. Let those who expirience Your protection against the fear and dangers of fire turn away from sin with all their heart. And mindful of Your great benifits, let them acknowledge that such visitations are a consequence of their own sinful deeds, ceasing only when You will show mercy. For You are a meciful God, and the Lover of Mankind, and to you we ascribe glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen."

    Throughout this prayer the Engine is "sprinkled" with holy water by an item known as "The super soaker"


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    In my area we generally park the new apparatus in a parking lot and the visiting companies (mutual aid depts, and sister companies from our department) wet the truck down with the company that just received the apparatus defending it. Basically a really big water fight. This of course is accompanied by a large party generally including a BBQ, custom mugs and T-shirts. It works out very well. Most companies charge $5-8 for a mug and that includes the BBQ (shirts, etc., are extra). My companies last wet down saw approx. 1400 (yes, that's one thousand four hundred) mugs sold at $5 each. Generally, you'll just about break even but, I'm sure you could turn it into a fund raiser of sorts and a good time is generally had by all. For any further info feel free to email me. Stay safe all.
    Stay safe all.

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