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    Question more than one department

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any one had any thoughts on this. The department I run with prohibits us from belonging to more than one fire department. They have actualy made people resign from other dapartments before they can join here for active status. The only way you can belong to another department is if you are a social member. Do any of your departments have similar requirements, and if they do, why? Thanks in advance, God bless and stay safe.
    Randall Guntrum FF/EMT

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    With all the volunteer dept looking for new ways to get recruits these days I am afraid I am going to step on some toes but here goes. This is a bad idea. For a couple reasons. The first is that there may be a conflict of interest for starters. Example; you first dept gets called for a house fire while at the same time at your second dept you are getting called for mutual aid at the same fire. Now the question is under whose jurisdiction will you respond? Under whoís command will you be under and more important will everyone know this information?
    Next would have to be does both depts. operate under the same S.O.P.s ? This is very doubtful. Letís say you are on the scene of a multiple car accident and one of your crew is almost hurt because you do something the way it is done by the other depts. S.O.P.s and this depts. What do you say to your crew member ďOh sorry bout that. Thatís the way we do over at so and so dept.Ē I donít think so. At least not to me any way.
    Just one more example and then I will sign off. Letís say both depts. are going to a muster and end up competing against each other. Now you can not take the easy choice and sit and watch because both teams need one more player. Where does your loyalty belong? Not an easy choice when you think about it is it? If you choose one dept over another will there be hard feelings? If you make a mistake and cost your team the game will there be hard feelings?

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    If you can't be good, be everywhere.

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    I belong to 2 volunteer departments. I joined the second one in January. The department I have been in since 92 only allows people who live in our jurisdiction to be members. Also, you cannot be a member of FD#1 and the other FD in town. FD#2 is in the town where I work and allow basically anyone to join. There really is no conflict of interest because we are a few towns away and FD#1 and 2 never call on each other for mutual aid.

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    This could be due to the pension requirements for the state that you live in. Who is going to be responsible for payment and such if you are on two departments?

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    In PA, departments can offer a type of pension, I forget the exact name of the program. But the thing is, they don't have to. Rimersburg does not. With them I have workmen's comp. and death and disabilty benefit. But these are only for line of duty injuries, if I die somewhere else, my family doesn't get a death benefit. The other department I was going to join is pretty far away, at least a half hour drive. And we have never worked together at a mutual aid call. Even during our two tire recycling center fires when we had close to 20 departments involved. Myself I don't see a conflict but they still do.
    God bless and stay safe.
    Randall Guntrum FF/EMT

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    There are some departments in this county that don't allow doubling up, but it's not the norm.

    Some join where they live and where they work.

    I belong to a fire department and a rescue squad. Here all the technical rescue is done through squads, not the FD so the purposes only cross in cases of auto-extrication.

    My fire department is purely fire suppression which is good since the FD and the rescue squad cover the same area.

    Susan Bednar
    Forsyth Rescue Squad (Chief)
    Griffith Volunteer FD

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