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    Question Employee Assistance Programs?

    I've been given the ghastly task of researching Employee Assistance Programs for my department - such as family/marriage counseling, drug & alcohol couseling, etc - the important stuff that goes beyond CISD.

    I first went to my town hall and the last I heard from them is that the town can't help us with their EAP because "volunteer firefighters are not town employees." (Interesting since there's no paid departments in my town...)

    Does anyone have ANY information about Employee Assistance Programs they can share with me? Or a way to convince the town to help us out with EAP?

    Turk II

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    Hey Turk...

    May want to refresh the Town Hall's memory of Connecticut State Statute, specificaly 7-314(a)
    ...active members of volunteer fire departments and active members of organizations certified as a volunteer ambulance service in accordance with section 19a-180 shall be construed to be employees of the municipality for the benefit of which volunteer fire services or such ambulance services are rendered while in training or engaged in volunteer fire duty or such ambulance service and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Workers' Compensation Commission and shall be compensated in accordance with the provisions of chapter 568 for death, disability or injury incurred while in training for or engaged in volunteer fire duty or such ambulance service.

    Full details at http://www.cga.state.ct.us/2001/pub/...m#sec7-314.htm (i.e. if you have a Fire District, then the Fire District is the municipality benifitted, not the Town).

    I'm sure it's somewhat gray, but not a stretch to ask the Town for help providing certain EAP benifits, especially if they go towards reducing potential future pysch injury claims...

    I personally like the idea of VFD EAPs, especially for younger volunteers or those working for small companies that don't have their own EAPs.


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