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    I am looking for information on a computer program that will help you write a truck spec. Any info would be helpful.
    Thanks, Nathan

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    I am not sure about programs but if you get into what ever company your looking at purchasing off of you can pretty much build your truck on line and a dealer will get back with you I do know in fire rescue magazine they had an article there is a company in washington or oregon that helps draw up plans for fire vehicles and communities that need help. I know pierce and smeal dealers both can give you a computor disk to help spec your truck

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    Any member charged with writing specs, formulating ideas, or a member of a committee for the development of new apparatus should NOT be without the book "The Fire Apparatus Purchasing Manual" authored by (I think Bill Peterson) Published by Fire Engineering Books. The cost is a bit pricy (40-45.00) but the information contained within is absolutely priceless for those persons with the responsibilities listed above.
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