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    Default Ladies Aux.

    I am trying to gather information on starting a ladies aux. at our dept. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please post or e-mail me directly. Thanks-552
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    I think one of the best ways to get an aux. started is to get some young, hard body females on the dept, then all of the wife's will want to join an aux just so they can keep an eye on their man. It worked for us.

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    It helps with rejuvenating an existing auxilary as well. Not that I'd know anything about that...but it's amazing how those things happen when a female joins an all male department...hhmmmm....

    Seriously start with the wives and contact another department within driving distance that has one that works. Have them get their organizational info etc.
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    My advice is coming from the not-for-profit organization corner, so this may not apply if you're tax funded.

    Our department is all volunteer, and we've only been in existance 5 years. Early on (while we were still in the organizational stages, I believe), several people expressed an interest in forming a ladies auxillary.

    I was on the Board at the time, and for the most part, everyone thought it was a good idea. However, serious issues arose when it came down to details.

    We passed an amendment to the By-Laws forming the auxillary, thereby making them an official branch of the FD. This was done for two reasons: so that we (the Board) had some say in what they did while using the FD name, and so that they didn't operate totally independant of FD needs.

    This didn't work.

    The members of the auxillary wrote up their own set of By-Laws (totally unnecessary), and basically operated independant of the FD, having no idea what our needs were, or what we would have liked their role to be.

    After we lost several Board members to resignation (a LONG story for another post), we disbanded the auxillary.

    Now some post-incident analysis.

    In my opinion, forming the auxillary as a branch of the FD is wise. I recommend that you make the Auxillary Chairman (or woman) position a Board appointment for an indefinate term. That way, the Auxillary Chairman justifies decisions to the Board, not necessarily membership. Also, the Auxillary Chairman should be a non-voting member of the Board. Our Chief is a non-voting member of the Board, and it's set up this way for a couple of reasons: part of the Chief's responsibilities is to attend Board meetings (which he should anyway) to keep the Board updated on FD progress, as well as keep the Chief up-to-date on administrative matters of the district that will (ultimately) affect operations. The same reasoning applies to the Auxillary. It certainly helps if the Auxillary Chairman has a working knowledge of both operational needs AND financial needs.

    We'll form the Auxillary again, some day in the future. And hopefully, we'll learn from past mistakes.

    Good luck on your endeavor.
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