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    Default Pennsylvania Fire Funding

    Hey Pennsylvania Firefighters,

    As you know Governor Ridge has eliminated much of the grant money that is earmarked for Pennsylvania's fire departments. The governer apparently felt it more important to give money to stadiums in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and give thousnads of dollars to a FOR PROFIT regatta here in Pittsburgh.

    I think it is high time that we remind the government of this commonwealth that funding its fire departments means saving taxpayer money and lives. Pennsylvania has more departments than any other state in the union, and its time for the members of the volunteer & paid, Rescue, EMS and Fire departments get the money we rightfully deserve.

    It is time for us to write to our state Representitives and Senators and even the Governor himself and tell them if they want to stay in there offices, they need to fund emergency services, and if they dont fund emergency services, ask who's gonna be there when they are sick, injured or their house is on fire.

    You can find the contact numbers and e-mail addresses for your representitives @

    web page

    Find your rep. and write to them today.
    Shawn MacIntyre EMT
    Pittsburgh EMS EMT-2
    Fraternal Assoc. of Prof. Paramedics

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a rally either planned or is planned for Harrisburg regarding this topic? If do you when it will be held.


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