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    Default Laws on Disablied

    Looking for someone to help me with laws on being disablied and being a volunteer firefighter. I have a friend who was a active volunteer up until a swim accident put him in a chair. He goes to most FD activities but wanted to march in the 4th of July parade for the first time for his son. Originally they offered to put him in a car but turned around and said no that the insurance co. stated that anyone on the disabled roles could not purticipate in any FD acitivities. I am trying to find out how true this is. He is still concidered a member. I was under the impression that you must make accomidations for disabled. He is really upset with this. He has only been in a chair for a couple of years. If anyone could help with this I would truly be greatful. Christie nullnull

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    Christie244 I don't want to cause your dept any undue trouble but if the person in question wanted to push this situation he could probably get a civil rights lawyer and sue under the Americans Disabilities Act. Also as a side note last year I remember reading an article about a firefighter that had both legs amputated above the knees and he still remained on active duty. They had pictures of him in full gear inside burning buildings or outside on a hoseline or just about anything else that someone once told him he could not do. My point being is just cause "they" say you can't is all the reason you need to prove that you can.

    Stay Safe God Bless

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