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    Default State Farm's New Policy

    Is any one else concerned that State Farm Insurance has decided to change their policy and not go by ISO ratings to set their insurance premiums? This concerns me as the Chief of a small volunteer fire depatment. I have used the fact that insurance rates are related to the type of fire deparment that we are able to maintain to raise my money and support. I am concerned that this new policy will hinder these efforts. Anyone else concerned? Any thoughts or ideals?

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    We need to see how this will fall, will we need to start planing for two rateings, or what?

    So for now my department will take a wait and see on this. Here in Louisiana it seems everytime we (the fire service) start getting close to complying with the ISO requirements they change them.

    Maybe with the State Farm rating system the ISO system will not keep changing like it has been.

    But as I said we need to watch this closely.

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