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    how much traning does you Vol Dept require to ride the trucks?

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    Our department requires no training to ride and/or be a gopher at the scene. However, new members must be FF1 certified within one year of joining. They must also complete a three page checklist regarding department training such as town familiarization, SOG's, equipment familiarization, SCBA, water supply, etc. (sort of a pre FF1 training) Other mandated certifications include Haz-Mat (aware, ops, & decon), driver ops, CPR/AED, and a yearly re-cert on SCBA's. The department also encourages and helps pay for certifications in EMT and FF2, and will pay for people to attend local fire attack schools. We also send a group to Maryland every year for training.
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    Our department actually assigns new fire fighters to the training center until they have completed all training, so, riding before is out of the picture. The department requires all new volunteers to complete First Responder, EVOC, Basic Pump, Basic Fire Fighting. Training continues at the probies assigned station involving clearing to drive the apparatus and getting cleared to respond to calls.
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