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    Default Illinois Blue Light Law

    Since Firehouse.com temporarily closed down the forums and cleared out all previous topics, including the site that discussed Illinois being allowed to use white flahsing headlights, I have not been able to successfully navigate through the State of Illinois web page to find this law. I have a friend whom I told I would email the link to, but can not find it anymore.

    Can anyone provide me with the link to the site that listed the law, it's description and, effective date???

    DR. LAW, you were especially helpfull in this subject over the summer, can you help once more?

    If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Also, has anyone had any trouble with the police since this new part was passed? I am sure there will be some cops out there who will love to argue that it is still illegal..

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    I went thru the old postings and these are the best I could find. The actual state statute is 625 ILCS 5/12-215
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