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    Default homosexualles in the fireservice

    what are peoples thoughts on homosexuals in the fire service, i am a homosexual and i am haveing problems with some members of the company, no i know i screwed up because i got involved with a nother member but i feel that that is privete in our company we have problems with people invading other people privet lives i wold like to know other peoples views on this subject ps if you don't have a viable point to make please don't make one at all

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    >we have problems with people invading other people privet lives

    The fire service is a family, and private lives are public to the fam.

    With that out of the way...

    The only time I have problem with people in the fire service is when they don't do squat or can't get the job done. It has nothing to do with who or what they are (except of laziness).
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    I must agree with Adze. The fire service is a very personal org, and when you depend on each other for livelyhood, then you tend to be more personal than in other walks of life.

    Now, as long as there are no public displays of affection, I will agree with Adze again. The public affection thing is not just for gays, that goes for any sexual preference. I have always had a problem with that.

    It boils down to this...If you can do the job, great...I'll back you...if you can't, don't come knocking at my door.

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    Is suggesting spellcheck a viable point?

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    I can't believe this subject is coming up again. In this day and age it shouldn't be an issue. Why anyone cares what goes on in anyone else's bedroom is beyond me.

    What matters is what happens at the firehouse and on scene. If you pull your weight at an incident I really don't care if you are sleeping with Bob or Jane or both for that matter.

    What gets people in trouble is bringing their personal lives into the department. When you start bringing your significant other in and showing affection (those famous PDA's) at the station or on scene or whatever that's where you buy trouble. I don't care if it's someone of the same sex or the opposite sex (or someone else's wife, husband, significant other...) it's innapropriate and that's where trouble begins!

    We are supposed to be family and everyone is entitled to family and relationships etc. But there are limits regardless of sexual orientation. Predjudice due to sexual orientation is wrong everywhere (and igonorant), but so is throwing one's sex life (homo or hetero sexual) out for public scrutiny.

    This doesn't mean you can't bring someone important to you around, it just means that you should show respect for others and your department by keeping your hands to yourself and the details of your sex life private while in public. Some departments are more lax and some groups of friends within departments have their own unspoken rules...but if you are unsure, stick with this general guideline.
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    Ones Sexual Prefrence with in the Fire Service shouldn't matter....EVER ! As long as what the two are doing {Guys/Guys..Girls/girls...Guys/Girls} doesn't get in the way of Firefighting or is demonstrated in the firehouse than what should it matter ? I'm sure someone who is gay can fight fire just as good as someone who is straight ! I'm a Straight Guy but I wouldn't second guess who I'm working with just because he/she is gay...As long as they have the right training I know Ican Trust them just like any other Firefighter. In short what one or two do in the confines of their own privacy is their business.
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    OK, I have to agree with Quint1Medic on this one. Please, get the spellcheck.

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