Hello All,

I'm a relatively new volunteer - seven months to be exact and I've finished my basic training.

While I've been in long enough to know that some of my gear isn't comfortable and near useless, I don't think I'm experienced enough to know which sort of gear would benefit me.

I am looking to buy gloves first and foremost as recent and constant activity crucified my hands. What type of glove do you find suits you? I am mostly out bush - I don't do any buildings etc - so I'm working mostly with scrub and the outdoors. In addition, to those who've gotten a few years under their belts, what sort of personal kit do you find is essential? Again, recent activity found me scratching my head over how to feed and water myself effectively (I was out four days straight) - I have webbing but if there's something lighter/more efficient out there, I'd love to hear it. We have a hot summer still brewing and more activity on the way and while I'm not looking to get real comfortable, I don't want to reinvent the wheel either!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.