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    Post Search Engine Listings

    I have had a problem with the major search engines listing my site. Do any of you have any suggestions. I have followed all of their directions and submitted multiple times (being careful not to spam) and am getting limited luck!

    Chris Budzinski
    Brevard Fire Department

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    Yahoo is notorious for being very slow, I have two FD sites, the first one www.fireco2.org, got listed in a week. The second, www.paramusfire.org, hasen't been listed yet despite numerous tries. Do you have meta tags on your pages? There are many website promotion programs you can buy, that submit your site to many search engines, but it is recommended that you submit to the larger ones manually.

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    Hi Chris,

    Which major search engines? Yahoo is terrible, but lots of others are very easy. All you have to do is submit your URL and it spiders for the info in META tags in your pages.

    Do you have META tags specified? If you don't know what they are, or how to specify them, post and I'll explain and give you samples.

    I think the smaller search sites aren't really worth your time since few people use them. It also seems to me that getting yourself involved in a "ring" is a super way for members of your community to find and enjoy your information.

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    When you say you've submitted multiple times, you don't mean to the same directories or search engines, do you?

    If so, that could very well be the problem. Many directories or search engines will block you if you submit more than once.

    Also, you can get blocked if you use the same meta tags over and over. For instance, all your tags on each page say Seward Fire Department...., they will block your site.

    If you find that you have been blocked, ie, you know you've submitted, it's been several months, and you still aren't in there, then I recommend to email the directory, explain your situation. From what I understand, most of these are automated spiders that rate & verify your site by the meta tags and your page content, and then automatically block you if it seems your are trying to beat the scoring system.

    It sounds incrediably complex, but that's some of the info I got at a Web Design Class. Also, if you have your department's name in the meta tag, it helps to search with your name in quotes.

    I found that out recently when checking Alta Vista, which has the largest number of websites listed.

    Living & Working Hard in Alaska

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