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    Post Any thoughts...?

    I just started this page the other day, any thoughts or suggesstions? It's extremly raw right now, and lacking in content, but mainly I'm just looking for suggestions on the way things look right now, if you don't mind....

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    Site looks real good, high quality.....but I would think it could use more color. Webdesigners frown on too much flash, but firefighters/buffs like to see flashy sites.


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    I agree with MT completely. I think if you just add some wallpaper you will improve it greatly. Try something with a white background. So you don't mess up that graphic with the shadow in it, or use something on the left side with a little color in it. As long as those tables aren't transparent that should look good too.

    I have, in my own opinion use too much color. http://www.enter.net/~iaffl735/

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    Thumbs up

    Site looks great. I guess I'm a hybrid, half buff, half web design student. The colors look good and yes, it's true, i'm not a big fan of flashy colors. The only criticism(you asked for it I have is symmatry (sp). perhaps move the important dates box under the emergancy run summary box. Also you might want to spread the department adress and phone number to both sides of the logo. It just looks kind of off balanced. You are off to a great start though. Keep up the good work.

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    Great Start with the site.
    As you come up with more content and more features with the site, I think you'll be able to arrange the elements nicely.
    Do stay with your columns layout.
    The graphic on top does take quite a bit of physical space on the screen and the spacing between your tables are not equal.
    I am a web developer and firefighter for the Anaheim Firefighters Association and these are some of the mistakes I made.
    Good job getting the news articles on the front page. I know that run summaries are also hard to get sometimes. I would be nice to see real time call stats. (just a suggestion). Are you developing a members page for your co-workers to log in and get more information? That's a whole web site in itself.

    Great Job
    D Munson <A HREF="http://www.afaonline.org[url="http://www.afaonline.org"]Anaheim" TARGET=_blank>www.afaonline.orgAnaheim Firefigters Association</A>

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