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    Default Australian Fire fighters pass on our condolensences:(

    To all fire fighters throught the United States and in particular New York City, we want to let you know that we feel your loss over here. The shock of the tragedy and the aftermath of the World Trade Centre can be seen everywhere. This week I went out collecting money for the families of fallen New York firies and the out poor of money and emotion was overwhelming. In three days I personally helped raise enough over here to buy a middle/top of the range car. That does not include all of the monies raised by the other stations in the state and throughout Australia. People just say "It is so tragic, I want to do something and this is all I can think to do". I had a group of American ladies on holiday, one of which is a lady who was in NYC on the day of the attack, embrace me and thank me for doing what I was doing. People ask us as fire fighters would we have done the same thing. I answer yes. "Our job is to go running in when everyone else is running out". I had another man say "Do you realise US kills 4000 Iraqi citizens a day ?" - my answer "Fire fighters are only interested in saving lives, not taking lives". He walked off without a word. People walk by, stop, and line up behind others to do their bit to help people they will never see or ever no. God bless you all, god bless the families of the fallen in this tragic chain of events.

    Peter Sutton
    Senior Fire Fighter
    Armadale Fire Station

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    In memory of our fallen brothers.
    The heroes at ground zero.
    September 11th, 2001.

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    Thank you for your support. It is so good to know that we firefighters are not seperated by countries.

    Stay safe and know that you are all in our hearts and prayers.
    Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten

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