Remember those nights as we were chilled to our bones from the sweat of our bodies as we drapped on again our wet & heavy gear, reeking of the smoke from the job we just returned from, as the rig's diesel smoke fills the apparatus floor on it's departure once again from our home;

Remember the clutches of one another as we crawled those abyss like hallways filled with heat & darkness, the close but yet so distant sound of our breathes through the masks while searching areas of mazelike rooms & apartments, the mixed thoughts of fear & relief as the sound of breaking glass was heard;

Remember the glory we felt of a good search & stop of fire, dismissing the hacking of black phlegm & the rising blisters on our necks with the wave of a hand, the tears in the eyes as we searched our souls for what could have been done better to keep us from putting that now lifeless body in the ugly non-descript plastic bag;

Remember the sweat dripping, as we rhythmiccally forced air & pumped blood through the bullet riddled body in the dirty snow covered alleys, the rush of adrenalin as we strapped on our equipment in the din of sirens screaming, radio traffic heavy & swaying to the gyrations of the rig as we bounced through pothole filled streets;

Remember those heated kitchen arguments that were quickly forgotten as the bells chimed out our song, the super glued & calked locker doors, water drops, the hundreds of aluminum cars tied to the rear of the family car, & who kept losing the TV remote;

Remember the pain & fear, but felt safe & secure being strapped to the backboard gazing at the summer night sky filled with the moon & stars, the repeated visits & calls to see what could be done to make the recovery easier & the shoulders to cry on;

Remember those late nights on watch as the ghosts of yesteryear strode through the apparatus floor of the century old firehouse, & the building anxiety felt on those hot summer days filled with street noise & the radio traffic increased to a feverous pitch;

Remember building a pool, a deck, putting on that long needed roof, the laughter of our children at the picnics, the sharing of stories, jokes,tears & beers as the kids burnt their marshmellows in the campfire;

Remember the pride mingled with the sadness as the notes of Amazing Grace ebb away from the pipes of the kilted;

Remember, My Brother is always there.