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    Post Greatest NFL team ever....

    so what team ranks the best ever...
    here is a few...
    '67 Packers
    '79 Steelers
    '85 Bears

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    Thumbs up

    67 Packers definitley are the Greatest team ever as for there greatest players Reggie White #92 and Brett Favre #4

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    Ok that was a good Pack team, but I like the Steel Curtain. I think the '79 Steelers rocked. (of course, neither Tim nor I were alive when wither of these teams were around, so we are talking out of our a**es.)

    Ohh, and Joe Montana was soo much better than Brett Favre could ever hope to be.

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    1960 Philadelphia Eagles.
    Never saw them play obviously but have see nplenty of NFL Films about them. Plus 1960 was the last time the Birds won the Championship.

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
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    ....... what about the Miami Dolphins undefeated season?

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