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    fyrefyghter10 Guest

    Thumbs down Drew Bledsoe

    Correct me if i am wrong but hasnt Drew Bledsoe been playing pretty bad the last two seasons and i believe not making the plays off? So i guess the mang. decided hey if we give him alot of money ( 10 year $103 million dollars) he will play better. what are you thoughts on this?

    Brian Cirard

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    Engine 101 Guest


    This could be a blessing in disguise patriots fans or you just wasted a ton of money on a really overated Qb, I say give Michael Bishop a shot let's see what the kid can do

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    CollegeBuff Guest


    I found it highly amusing when he broke his finger and suddenly was throwing better than he did with it intact.

    Also, his clutch-play ability left along with Ben Coates.

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    FireRebel Guest


    It was a salary cap move, it actually helped the Pats by backloading the contract...kind of the same thing the Packers did with Favre..I think Bledsoe is a Franchise QB.He just needs some more weapons, WR, RB...

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    bfd1071 Guest


    Drew bledsoe is a good QB, not worth 103 million, then again no player is. Bishop first needs to learn the plays. Drew has a strong arm, one of the strongest. What the team needs is running game and a TE. The Offensive line could always use more work.

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    9C7 Guest


    It seems to me the Drewster needs to get his tools (Coates, etc.) back... Are you listening, Mr. Kraft?

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