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    Cool Coaches

    It's amazing to see how may firefighters are Coaches. What sport do you coach? For me I coach a BU9 Soccer Team and a Little League Team also.
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    FireRebel Guest


    Youth League Football and Wrestling....One of my Favorite things to do....real rewarding..

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    chf jstano Guest


    I coach girl's 8th grade and JV basketball.The kids are great and they keep me centered on what's really important.

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    Tom Granat Guest


    I coach fourth grade boy's basketball (just went 11-0)and I used to coach girl's fastpitch softball.

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    firecat1524 Guest


    I coach teenage girls fastpitch softball. I got started coaching little girls slowpitch with my uncle a few years back...the next season I was going to help someone else with a slowpitch team when they had a fastpitch coach who had to drop out. I agreed to take over the team and fell in love with the sport. In the 5 years I have coached I have never finished lower than second place...with 3 league championships....but the fact I am most proud of is the 4 girls who I developed that had never played softball in their life that have gone on to be stars in the high school ranks...the very first one I taught will be playing college ball next year at a DivII school nearby.

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