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    Post How many hunt and what do you hunt?

    The fishing question didn't get much response, so I wondered how many of you hunt or shoot? What do you enjoy hunting most? If you shoot is it competition or just plinking?

    I personaly enjoy hunting pheasants and quail. And plinking with pistols and rifles.

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    I was going to post this question too. Glad to see you did. I hunt deer with rifles and muzzleloaders. I also enjoy plinking with rifles, pistols, muzzleloaders and used to shoot competitive trap. I'm sure that you and I are NOT the only ones who enjoy shooting sports. Let's here from some other folks.

    Be Safe

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    I hunt just about anything around these parts. Mainly I hunt whitetail deer and ducks...but from time to time I go after small game & turkeys. When deer season is in I hunt at least once a week....and deer season in parts of SC runs from Aug 15 - Jan 1...so I'm in the woods a lot.

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