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    Post could i have some help?

    Hey, i just got assigned my jr research paper in school.I decided that i want to write it on the respect (or lack thereof) given to firefighters, police officers, and ems. Could u all help me out by telling me what ur opinions on this topic are?

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    Isn't it amazing that we get laughed at when we're in public?? But isn't it even more amazing to see who's laughing when it's their house?? NOONE!! We put it out as quickly and as safely as possible, but then we still get the "what took you so long? everything we own is now ashes" Don't they see that THEY could be ashes without us.

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    I may be wrong, but I think its a matter
    of people being afraid of what they dont understand. Their afraid of fire, and dont
    know how to deal with it, therfore they hide
    that fear by being tough "disrespectful"
    toward those who do have the understanding
    of their fear. The same geos for Police, EMS,
    Teachers. This is usualy only a problem
    with younger, or ignorant individuals that
    dont have a grasp on reality. Most people DO
    show respect and gratitude toward these
    positions. They also give tremendous support.
    Like I said, I could be wrong, but thats
    my perception of the problem. I hope this helps, and I hope you recieve more opinions.


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    hey, thanks scott, i appreciate ur response. although i only got 2 responses, my project is progressing nicely.
    thanks again

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    I will add my two cents.

    Police, firefighters and other public service professionals are worthy of respect, but many times do not receive it. These professions are often viewed by some people as "beneath" their level in the workforce. I have often heard that some people consider public service jobs as "blue-collar" professions.(which is a load-o-crap) I also have to think that the tendency for society to rebel against or disrespect authority figures is a possibility. I think this is more a factor for police than any other public service professional, but still applies to fire/ems. When I was originally going to go into law enforcement, the response from most people was almost as if the thought disgusted them, but later when I decided to change to fire fighter the same people seemed to be less disgusted.(but never happy) Another possible factor is that when people are put under extreme pressure (ie, house burning to the ground or spouse just had a heart-attack) often times people don't know how to look at the situation except from their own self-fish point-of-view. They can only see the negative in those emergency situations. They don't want their stuff to burn-up, and they do not realize that their house is only a material object that can be replaced. As a firefighter you risk your life for not only their lives but also their stuff. (Protection of Life and Property) As a small child I was caught in a housefire and had to be pulled-out.(i was a heavy sleeper) My room was smoke-filled, zero visibility. My family was grateful to have me alive. The house was in bad shape, but not once did we say anything, but thank you to the fire department.
    I think the other posts provide a good insight to this dilemma. Society as a whole has a fear of the unknown, a general disrespect for authority and seems to be self-absorbed. I think most of society wants to be nice and grateful, but sometimes that is just too hard. I think being mean and ungrateful is a lot easier for most people.
    Oh well, I will get off my soapbox and go now. Let us know how you do on your report.

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    Fire fighting, EMS, Law Enforcement, etc., are the same as any other occupation. The public only hears when they make a mistake. Think about it, the headline reads, "House burns, it takes fire and resucue 10 minutes to arrive". Most people are aware of the sacrifices that these people make, but it's the bad publicity, the witnessed mistakes, or the bad attitude that stands out after a crisis.

    No one sacrificed any more than our war time vets , yet think about how they were treated when they returned home. For some reason, we as a country, have a hard time showing gratitude. Maybe it's because we take our freedoms, especially speach to much for granted. Or, maybe it's that we've just gotten to point we think fire service or military protection is owed us.

    Keep in mind, there are a great many of us that still stand in awe of any of you who place your life on the line to protect ours.

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