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    Firelover Guest

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    I was just wondering how many departments have a Gym at the fire hall? Other than the obvious, what other advantages have you seen from having a gym at the hall. For example, quicker response! More people responding!


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    Dave Kloss Guest


    All 3 and soon to be 4 firehouses are equipt with a workout facility. Free weights, Multi station machine, and cardio equipment.

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    FFD#35 Guest


    We currently have 4 stations. Headquarters shares a work out facility with the police dept. All 3 sub-stations have work out rooms. Free weights, multi-station units, cardio. Newest station has a Smith Machine. Best multi unit of all.

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    gunnyv Guest


    Our four stations all have the same basic equipment. Trotter treadmill (like the one's at the gymn you can run on), Airdyne bikes, dumbbells from 20 -85 lbs, free weights, and 3 or 4 machines. The treadmill is king. We now have about 8 guys (out of 70) who compete as a team in a 10k every year, and almost everyone will at least get out and walk for awhile. Unfortunately, it seems as if the youngest guys sre the ones who use it the least.

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