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    Post CPAT

    What exactly is the CPAT Fitness Test? Is it anything like the Criterion Task Test?

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    The CPAT is the Canidate Physical Aceptance Test. There is a vidio that shows the test along with a booklet that shows what it takes to set it up. Mike Vogt of the Casper Fire Department Casper Wyoming is very knowledgable about the test.

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    Candidates successfully selected from the results of the Psychological Examination will be notified by mail of the CPAT date, time and location.
    The exam is comprised of eight stations that will be completed in one continuous sequence. It is Pass/Fail. The maximum time allowed for passing is 10 minutes and 20 seconds. The candidate must wear long pants, a safety helmet with chinstrap, gloves and a 50-pound weighted vest during the entire exam. An additional 25 pounds will be added during the first event, but will be removed at the completion of that event.
    The following is a brief explanation of the eight test elements:
    1. Stair Climb
    The candidate will be given a 20 second warm-up on the Stair Master StepMill at level three (50 steps per minute), then the timing for the test will begin as the candidate continues for an additional 3:00 at level four (60 steps per minute). Walk to the next event.
    2. Hose Drag
    The candidate will place a 1-1/2 nozzle that is connected to 200 of 1-3/4 hose over their shoulder and drag hose out past a barrel that is 75 away, then make a 90o turn and pull the hose an additional 25. The candidate will then turn, face the hose and pull the hose hand over hand toward themselves for an additional 50. Walk to the next event.
    3. Equipment Carry
    Carry an XL98 rescue saw, and a chain saw, from a storage cabinet, 75 to a marker and back to the cabinet. Walk to the next event.
    4. Ladder Raise & Extension
    Flat raise a 24 aluminum extension ladder with a hand over hand motion using each rung until the ladder is resting against the wall. Fully extend a 24 ladder that is fixed to the wall, then lower the fly completely in a controlled hand over hand motion. Walk to the next event.
    5. Forcible Entry
    Strike the Forcible Entry Cumulative Force Measuring Device, using a horizontal swing with a 10 pound sledgehammer, until the buzzer signals. Walk to the next event.
    6. Search Maze
    Crawl through the sightless tunnel from the entrance to the exit, navigating around, over, and under obstacles that are placed at various points. Walk to the next event.
    7. Rescue
    Pull a 165 pound Rescue Randy Dummy 35, using the provided handles, to a barrel, make a 180o turn around the barrel and return to the finish line. Walk to the next event.
    8. Ceiling Breach and Pull
    Using a 6 pike poll lift the weighted ceiling door 12, three times. Then hook the pike pole on the weighted ceiling pulling device and pull down 12, five times. Repeat this sequence for a total of four sets. The test is then complete.

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