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    Red face Hose Drag Problems!!

    I'm taking a fitness for firefighters class and we had our first trial run today. The hose drag stopped me in my tracks! Any gym suggestions?

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    You can try to build up your leg strength with squats, and work your quadriceps also. Other then that, find something heavy to drag around to simulate it. What type of hose drag do you have to do for your test? dry? charge? distance? # of turns? Just curious...

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    If I remember right it's 150ft dry hose 150ft. In two weeks they add on another length of hose but we don't have to go as far. We also have a halyard raise/lower, the sledge sled, confinded space crawl, stair climb with hose, dummy drag (which is more hose, shaped as people and our arms go through the heads one on each arm) and taking a ladder off the truck walking backwards and then putting it back on. But it was the hose and the sledge that slowed me down. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Try setting up a similar hose pull, and practice with less hose and shorter distance until you get to a point where that becomes easier. Then just keep adding hose and distance.

    Hope this helps.


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    If your dragging over the shoulder remember that your body is a huge lever. Lower your center of gravity by cowering forward and bending your knees as much as possible. You'll probably end up walking with your toes outward. Do a lot of ab and calf work using plyometric exercises explosive quick movements rather than long slow. Small muscles will fatigue long before your thighs which are larger stronger muscles. simulate the event as much as possible in training.


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    lean forward as much as possible, put the hose over your shoulder and hold the nozzle out in front of you pointed downward and keep your arms straight. we had to drag 300` of 2.5" and hook up to a hydrant while breathing air. i seen a guys lunch in his mask. it was kind of cool.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for all of the suggestions. I did my second run through the makeshift CPAT yesterday and did much better!(I took 30 seconds off my time and they even added more things!) And the hose drag wasn't as bad. Thanks again!
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