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    Why is it that one of the most important aspects of firefighting has so little devoted to it...not only in the forums but in firehouse magazine. Fitness and health goes hand in hand w/ safety. Any ideas how we can get more on this topic?

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    Fitness in to firehouse is a issue a lot of fire departments are trying to deal with. What is the leading cause, in my mind, that departments relize it is time to act? When a fellow firefighter drops infront of them and never gets back up.(heartattack) We play the role of catch up everyday on the fire groung and we know how hard it is to be reactive and would love to be on the front side by being proactive. So why don't we fight the battles we know we can be proactive about. There are a lot of resources out there. One is going to a course I attended at Oklahoma State University, FD FIT, Fire Department Fitness Instructor Training. Next one is November 5-9, 2001.
    Call: 1-800-304-5727

    Good course it looks at Exercise Priciples, Fitness testing, Safety, Nutrition, Stress Management, Motivation, and Behavior Change. I would be willing to discuss this topic more. I am looking for new ideas. Because none of us have all the answers. That course is just a start and gives you more experience to fight the up hill battle that many of us fight everyday.

    Try changing the way personnel look at fitness. We would love to have everyone want to do fitness instead of requiring them to do fitness.

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    The chief of my agency is very health and fitness conscious. We have bi-annual fitness assessments. The test is based on the Cooper Fitness test. Members who pass with 75% get six hours of comp time and members with 80% and above get 12 hours of comp time. I think if fitness is approached with a positive, competative attitude members will be more interested. If that doesn't work, maybe everyone should read the LODD and see how many fire fighters die from cardiac arrests after calls.

    Stay safe (and fit)
    Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten

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