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    Default Internet/Use policies at the FD

    My department is working towards coming up with an internet/computer use policy for our members.
    We recently put a cable modem in service, and want our members and employees to be able to use the web freely, but we are also realizing that some things should be viewed on the web at home instead of the public firehouse.
    I am wondering if other departments are using "Net Nanny" type of software, or using individual logins, or any other ideas on solving this potential problem.

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    Porn sites are frowned upon, Our captain was searching for a site for ford transmissions last day and up poped a porn site, lol

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    Our dept. simply adopted the city's policy. Basically, the system administrator has the ability to find out which web adresses were accessed, and you can access anything that's not offensive to someone else, such as porn, racial, or otherwise political incorrect sites. Such "visits" will result in disciplinary action siminar to as if you had made a statement of that nature to someone. (in other words, pretty serious consequences) Now, for the legitimate concern about accidentally coming across "forbidden" sites, the system administrator can also see how much time was spent on sites, and if someone repeatetly spent several minutes on porn sites, well, there's no talking your way out of it. 5 seconds every now and then are excusable and no problem.
    Hope this helps,


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    I agree with the above. Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to. If the city already has an acceptable use policy, use it. If they already have a tracking or monitoring system, use it if possible. Since you have a cable modem, though, I would guess you won't have the same logging and monitoring capabilities that a systems administrator would. Use common sense. Put the computer in a public area, where there is frequent traffic by others. This is the biggest deterrent to improper usage.

    Bottom line - you are professionals, and everyone should be able to treat this as such. Although there will be initial excitement, internet access is really no different than telephone usage, or TV, or radio, or reading...Don't feel the need to be too specific in your policy. As I said, you are professionals, and should be able to resolve disputes or conflicts as such.


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    Lightbulb Internet axcess

    Good morning, as most of the other users have stated we also have adopted the city's policy of web browsing. Basically stay off any site that you would not want your wife, mother/father or city council member seeing. Our Fire Chief would like to see us use the computer and/or the internet rather than wathcing TV. Our city has a strict policy that if you are on the....NASTY sites then you will be terminiated. You read and sign the internet policy and it is reread to you at each yearly evaluation. Each employee of the city has his or her own password and code name and ONLY the infomation administrater can get into your "profile". We use Microsoft NT, so any employee can use any one of the computers at any city site.
    Hopfully this will be useful. Talk to ya soon.

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